Translation of filler in Spanish:


relleno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪlər//ˈfɪlə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(to add bulk)

      relleno masculine
      • Adding shredded newspaper or cat box filler speeds the drying process.
      • It is common to weld some of the lower alloyed materials with matching filler metals.
      • This is why you should mix the seeds with some sort of filler material before you start, so you have plenty of volume to work with, and will be able to cover the area completely and evenly.
      • There are a number of other filler materials being tested but are not available for use in the United States.
      • Both products have been used in other countries for years as cosmetic fillers.
      • The polymer blends may optionally include an inorganic filler.
      • She didn't need one, it was just a stocking filler.
      • Other methods of volume restoration include fat injections, injections of filler material, bank tissue, and alloplasts.
      • Fuchsias are also good as space fillers as are petunias, mimulus and marigolds.
      • If the proper technique and filler material are used, the alloys are easily welded both by fusion and by pressure.
      • Once there, he'll tug out the ceramic fabric filler with his gloved hands.
      • As you see, you can create a lot of visual (not to mention tactile) interest by simply choosing your filler material wisely.
      • According to him, cats eat less of these high quality foods because they contain less fillers, reducing the quantity needed to carry along on the trip.
      • They're quite an attractive plant and the flowers are rather jolly too, so like the cardoon this would make a good space filler for the back of a large herbaceous border, with the added bonus of a harvest at the end of the summer.
      • Like before, we'll need to fill in the pit with some filler material.
      • Then in time for Christmas there's a real stocking filler.
      • Finally, there is no better stocking filler than a lottery ticket.
      • The filler material can be deposited as a step during conventional metal etch processing or it can be deposited as a first step of the processing of a semiconductor wafer.
      • Because of the low melting point of the solder the material remains fluid during processing despite the large proportion of filler material.
      • One of the benefits of creating your own seed treats is that you can avoid commercial mixes that include less attractive filler seed to bulk up me mix.

    • 1.2(for cracks)

      masilla feminine
      • I'm a concrete contractor in Michigan looking for a crack or joint filler for exposed aggregate.
      • For deeper damaged areas, apply wood filler with a putty knife and sand level when it dries hard.
      • Use an artist's paintbrush or any tiny brush to apply stain to the dried latex wood filler.
      • There are simply two badly drilled holes and a lot of filler slapped lazily over the walls.
      • This may look like concrete, but it's actually stucco filler that I can feel swaying.
      • Once the surface is as clean of excess filler as possible, let it dry overnight.
      • I recommend a latex wood filler for repair of splits and dents.
      • He conceded that without such filler and with weep holes, air could come into the building and might affect the heating.
      • To prepare the surface, pound in any raised nails, fill holes with wood filler, and sand.
      • This crack filler contains river sand in an acrylic polymer, which first appears milky white but dries clear and leaves only the speckled colored sand exposed.
      • If necessary, fill the old holes with wood filler and drill new pilot holes in the doors and cabinet frames.
      • The watersanding wasn't very easy too because the wood absorbed water in places and swelling causing the filler to crack.
      • As in the case of epoxy, the impact of these changes can be minimized if designers avoid using solder as filler between surfaces, but few designs take advantage of this approach.
      • Use of jelly stones is not a scientific mode of pot hole repair, rather the filler substance should be finely ground, he explained.
      • Paint pots, brushes, filler and other decorating materials are in most rooms, as are hand-drawn plans to transform his new home.
      • If the old floor is embossed or has dips and/or hollows in it, these should be filled in with cement filler using a 5 to 10-inch wide putty knife.
      • Apply a coat of filler to all surfaces of the table.
      • The open pores of walnut must be filled before a final finish is applied and traditionally, applying commercial wood filler was customary.
      • Clean up any dried residue with acetone and fill any gaps with matching latex filler.
      • You could also use a construction grade of spruce or fir lumber, and fill in any small voids that you may encounter with inexpensive wood filler.

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    • 2.1Journalism

      artículo de relleno masculine
      • You don't want it to be perceived as filler - and a lot of infomercials are perceived as filler.
      • This is pretty good stuff, but in this novel it is mere stuffing, filler, which leaves us less than full.
      • Collectibles is far from the mushy album fillers you might expect.
      • The goal for the next phase is less posting of filler and more posting of substantial writing.
      • I read the whole column several times but every time I got to the end I was left with the feeling that it read like a space filler, written because the page needed a set number of words on it.
      • There is some debate as to whether covers should be considered filler material anymore than original songs.
      • He showed that it was possible to make vast sums of money from the sort of thing that used to be filler material for Saturday morning kid's entertainment.
      • Most established bands found it difficult to fill up both sides of a single vinyl record without adding some filler to take up the slack in the required forty minutes.
      • Now they spew out pointless filler instead of working on their own album proper.
      • It has laughs, gripping stories, various space fillers, and a few puzzles.
      • This leads to a majority of filler material, hodgepodge songs that sound like the band's simply borrowing time.
      • Even with three or four episodes strung together and some filler material, it still barely reaches 70 minutes.
      • Come on, Korea Times: even you can't be this desperate for filler material.
      • Rickman and his evil antics get a lot of screen time here, and yet he seems to be filler material in between vampire scenes.
      • Today his memory lives on, providing quality filler material for lackluster lists throughout the world.
      • When I got to the the short pieces, I unwisely assumed them as fillers to get the record up to a realistic duration for a CD.
      • Unfortunately, the series ultimately fails to stay there, using too much filler material to pad the rest of the running time.
      • I also recognize that columnists using children as space filler is a time-honored journalistic practice.
      • It's not like you have a hit and then the rest of the record is filler.
      • If writing exists to communicate, why add filler?

    • 2.2Television Radio

      programa de relleno masculine