Translation of final in Spanish:


último, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfaɪnl//ˈfʌɪn(ə)l/


  • 1

    the final day/attempt el último día/intento
    • the final scene la última escena
    • final exam examen final
    • a final demand for payment un último aviso de pago
    • I'd like to make one final point: ... por último quisiera señalar que ...
    • He closed his eyes and allowed himself one final rest before he attempted to move again.
    • It was a match in which the result was in doubt until the final delivery.
    • For us voters we have now made up our mind and reached the final days of decision.
    • The final review allows voters to correct such errors - but they must notice them first.
    • The final deal allowed them to get this hall for less money than they anticipated.
    • The group looked to the door as it slid open, allowing entry to the final expected guests.
    • This was an exciting game of football with the result in doubt up until the final whistle.
    • Even Terry Pratchett says he writes a sort of sketchy version of his final scene in the early stages of his first draft.
    • The hanging chamber has a small Buddhist statue in one corner to allow the condemned a final prayer.
    • Even funnier was a line which was cut from the final version.
    • Once again, the result remained in doubt until the final minutes of injury time.
    • Granted, the contest was a gripping one which was never beyond doubt until the final whistle.
    • The visit is the final event of the season in the Parish Music series of concerts in country churches.
    • They must have allowed him one final visit now his fate had been officially decided.
    • Having made the decision, the final frontier seemed determined to beat us despite our best efforts.
    • Just when it looked like the fourth and no doubt final meeting was going to end without any plans in place, Barrett sprang to his feet.
    • The last thing they needed was a dispute over his final resting place.
    • The lift doors were still open, allowing you a final chance to change your mind, but as you went past them they closed.
    • It was only when they saw the finished version in its final mix that they knew what they had got.
    • What this enables me to do is to get words down in a way that's closer to the final version.
  • 2

    (result/score) final
    and that's my final word on the subject y no se hable más del asunto
    • that's my final offer es mi última oferta
    • you can't go and that's final no puedes ir y sanseacabó
    • the judges' decision is final la decisión del jurado es irrevocable
    • The final goal is to allow students to order official documents via the internet.
    • Although beaten by stronger opponents, they performed way better than the final scoreline.
    • Lawmakers are required to reach a final decision within 15 days of receiving the request.
    • Helping people overcome silence and move through that final stage of trauma is potentially empowering.
    • It actually reported matters that the committee had not reached a final conclusion on.
    • There have been calls on both sides of the death penalty debate to shorten the time taken to reach a final decision.
    • What falls away is any notion of an uncontested, final, authorized reality.
    • Additional perks could be won when final contracts were negotiated unit by unit.
    • And this time supported by deeds that allow the neighbours to give Japan a final absolution.
    • They were also given an explanation of the printing process from initial graphics through to the final design.
    • And Max Flint reports live from Estonia as final preparations are underway.
    • The hard work doesn't end once your divorce is final.
    • Although the final result was in doubt up to the closing moments of the game.
    • He said further advice would be taken before any final decision is reached by the executive.
    • It is understood a final decision on the outcome of the objections will not be known for a number of months.
    • Get a bit of proper closure and leave things on good, and final, terms.
    • Ultimately, the examiners' marks are final and, at the moment, students can do little to challenge them.
    • The editor's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    • Altogether, the case could continue for a additional two years before a final decision is reached.
    • The final scoreline indicates a miss match but it was not quite that one-sided.
    • The outcome in the final points, as well as in the two events, was new European records.
    • At press time, the task force was scheduled to meet again to reach a final decision.
    • He said that through the mechanism, any dispute would be resolved in stages before a final decision was made.
    • At the time of writing, it is too early to know the final outcome of the process.
    • A General Medical Council hearing was adjourned yesterday before a final conclusion was reached.
    • But it must throw into doubt the ability of the tribunal to be a final arbitrator of disputes.
    • The final phase will allow finishing touches to be applied to the scheme and any last-minute glitches to be ironed out.
    • However, this effect is subsequently explored when final binding parameter estimates are made.
    • The independent regulator is waiting for completion before reaching a final decision about the foundation status.
    • Our clients clearly want the court hearing to reach a final outcome on all of the issues raised in their application.
    • In the event, these were to make a decisive contribution to the final outcome of the Cold War.
    • Few doubted the final result of the war, none could have predicted such a quick result.
    • Two controversial refereeing decisions were to have a big bearing on the final outcome.
    • The court, which sits in The Hague, is the final arena for settling disputes between nations.
    • The head of department must make a final decision before any ruling by the disputes department goes into effect.
    • Couples are allowed to divorce twice, and the third divorce is final.
    • With neither side able to stamp their authority in the crucial midfield area the final score was in doubt right to the end.
    • When final grade is achieved, can temporary grass be immediately planted?
    • Granada would make a final decision when the outcome of the formal regulatory review process was known.
    • Thus far, no final conclusion has been reached, and the wrangling continues.
  • 3

    (aim/destination) final


  • 1

    Games Sport
    final feminine
    to go through to the finals pasar a la(s) final(es)
  • 2finals pl

    (masculine plural) exámenes finales
  • 3also final edition

    última edición feminine
    the late-night final la edición de última hora