Translation of fine-tune in Spanish:


ajustar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈfaɪn ˈt(j)un//ˈfʌɪntjuːn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (engine) ajustar
    (engine) poner a punto
    (receiver) ajustar
    (idea/plan) afinar
    (idea/plan) poner a punto
    • Weariness from the frequent travel and a desire to fine-tune his golf game were his reasons.
    • However, if you're in a position to spend a little bit more time on fine-tuning your investment strategy, how do you get the best out of your portfolio?
    • The results will be used to fine-tune computer models of life-friendly atmospheres on various simulated planets.
    • They can also perform instantly after any event - whereas other performers have to spend months fine-tuning a song or making a film.
    • This will enable the company to continue building a large, loyal customer base of long-distance callers while it fine-tunes the voice quality of the new network.
    • When we come together, we fine-tune the performance and work on themes and the balance, making sure that what we want to hear most is used.
    • The two men spent at least half-an-hour helping the students adjust and fine-tune their spurs.
    • She's an online dating machine, fine-tuning her choices to such a degree that no-one meets her criteria.
    • The combination of Hearn and Matos continues to strengthen as the two spend more time learning and fine-tuning the Mazda-powered car.
    • Now, the team is fine-tuning the virtual reality technology to enhance its usefulness.
    • The scientific team is now fine-tuning the strategy for transfer to producers.
    • The fine adjustment really makes it possible to fine-tune things for the sharpest image.
    • You will have to do some tweaking to fine-tune your personal system.
    • I would rather let the sector develop than try to regulate or fine-tune it.
    • Women, specifically, are the new customers that the company has zeroed in on as it fine-tunes its retail offerings.
    • In the afternoon session, he concentrated on fine-tuning the car alongside some chassis set-up work.
    • Now food giants are fine-tuning their merger practices to bring benefits to consumers more quickly.
    • Rivals say it will be hard to fine-tune technology designed for buses for regular vehicles.