Translation of finery in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfaɪnəri//ˈfʌɪnəri/


  • 1

    in all their finery con sus mejores galas
    • in their full finery con sus mejores galas
    • I pranced in without knocking to find Mother, dressed in her scarlet finery, standing on the platform the seamstresses used to pin dresses.
    • A richly decorated palanquin, escorted by a band of priests and devotees, carried in the Kumari, dressed in her gold and scarlet finery.
    • All were dressed in finery; an evening dress or two, black suits, pearls.
    • Even girls who aren't trying for fashion as a career, but don't care much for drawing anything else, will cover pages with pictures of girls - themselves - dressed in imagined finery.
    • The King was dressed in his finery - blue robes stitched with silver, the buttons made from silver and his cloak lined with ermine.
    • The pupils dressed in white finery sat attentively throughout the mass.
    • In the reception hall, Tibetan furniture, finery and ornaments evoked such alien sentiments that we were immediately addicted to them.
    • Abdul posed carefully for my photo in his engagement finery - shimmering white robe, ceremonial cane, tasselled belt with inlaid dagger thrust under it and embroidered hat.
    • Unknown to them, a British officer watches the loyal soldiers defend their princess but is stunned to see the ladies of the escort also join in the fighting, led by a slim, commanding figure dressed in regal finery.
    • In York, clubbers dressed in party finery mixed with older couples and families with young children outside the Minster, cleared of its scaffolding for the first time in more than a decade especially for the occasion.
    • Where and how did they acquire such elaborate clothing and finery: jewellery and musical instruments, money for lavish food and drink?
    • What a crowd, from geisha and maiko (apprentice geisha) to grandmas and and grandpas, tourists and romantic couples, the young women dressed in kimono finery.
    • She made sure she wasn't dressed in finery and she even swallowed her pride for the day and a half journey through the woods.
    • The initiate is dressed in finery and escorted with pomp to the monastery, where his head and eyebrows are shaved.
    • They are all bearded bigwigs dressed in finery and look remarkably alike.
    • Daemon idly wondered how she could move in all those layers of clothes, though her finery was proof that she was truly a noble.
    • Furiously, Louis tore off the leather gloves adding them to the trail of expensive finery he had ripped off.
    • Whether dressed in work clothes or finery, or in various states of undress, his most enduring images of women are those which offer glimpses of the contradictions and complexities of existence.
    • The brainchild of Divya Gurwara, the exposition for all-bridal finery, apparel, and products is held every year in New Delhi in September or October.
    • Over the course of two days, women dressed in traditional Valencian finery carrying bunches of carnations troop into the square to the accompaniment of folk bands and TV cameras.