Translation of finger paint in Spanish:

finger paint

pintura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪŋɡər ˌpeɪnt/


  • 1

    (para pintar con los dedos) pintura feminine
    • This is a fine way to honor the messy munchkin inside you with plenty of papier-mâché, finger-paints, or oodles of play-doh!
    • The pictures in my book are all finger-paints.

intransitive verb

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    pintar con los dedos
    • She suspects she could do something similar by finger-painting while blindfolded.
    • When I came home from an exhausting day of finger-painting in preschool, I never had the option of relaxing before a TV set and singing along to my favorite songs from Barney and Friends.
    • Gone are the days when nursery meant simply playing with Lego and finger-painting.
    • Just like old times… When we were three years old and at the same daycare, finger painting on the walls.
    • Forget the busloads of schoolkids and finger painting - this is real art education.
    • Joe, Blue, and their friends are finger-painting and Blue wants to add someone else to the picture.
    • The junior artist can be in charge of finger-painting, while you take charge of the actual construction of the piece.
    • And then, after we sing, we'll do some finger-painting.
    • He finds her finger painting herself, like the five-year-old they lost.
    • This early hand- and finger-painting is actually a basic transfer process that marks the beginning stages of what is later called a ‘monoprint’ process.
    • There's another flashback scene where you see Evan in kindergarten class and he finger-paints the words ‘Kill me before it's too late.’
    • It's silly, debatably sexy and it allows for a kind of freeform creativity most people haven't engaged in since finger-painting as a tyke.
    • There are many interesting and fun activities on offer: important historical lessons can be learnt at the Constitutional Court and the two prisons while children finger-paint, make puppets or climb the tree of justice.
    • I know that whatever I do, whether it's messy finger-painting at age 2 or sloppy typing at age 42, she is going to be supportive.
    • ‘My whole life I am constantly fighting all kinds of depression and terror and anxiety and I find that, like a mental patient in an institution, if they keep the patient busy finger-painting then they are more relaxed,’ said the director.
    • You love to finger-paint with artistic Pisceans