Translation of fingernail in Spanish:


uña, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪŋɡərˌneɪl//ˈfɪŋɡəneɪl/


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    uña feminine
    • Her nail varnish is applied patchily, on bitten fingernails and bitten toenails.
    • She was experimenting with a hot pink on her toe nails and lime green on her fingernails.
    • I examined a small callous on the middle finger of my left hand, right underneath my fingernail.
    • One of Renee's eyebrows twitched and she began to tap a solitary fingernail onto the table.
    • It stuck under her fingernails and blocked her windpipe and made her sneeze and splutter and cough.
    • I sat at the kitchen table, scraping off some dried up stuff on the glass surface with my fingernail.
    • She dug her fingernails into his wrists in an attempt to free herself from his grip.
    • The Egyptian barber was also a manicurist, using a razor to trim the fingernails of clients.
    • Use the back of your fingernail on your index finger to part and lift a new section of hair to the left of the braid.
    • The woman had flung herself against the locked door, clawing at the wood with her fingernails.
    • In fact, he has quite elegant, long fingers and perfectly manicured fingernails.
    • Her fingernails and toenails were manicured and her toenails had been painted with gold nail varnish.
    • The baby grows fine hair, fingernails and teeth, and the eyes open and close.
    • The fingernails on my right hand are long and the fingernails on my left hand are short.
    • He scratched at his armrest with his fingernails like they were claws, cracking his knuckles.