Translation of finish in Spanish:


terminar, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈfɪnɪʃ//ˈfɪnɪʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(complete)

      (meal/task/building) terminar
      (building/task/meal) acabar
      she finishes high school in two years' time acabará / terminará el bachillerato dentro de dos años
      • we finish school/work at four o'clock today hoy salimos a las cuatro
      • let her finish what she's doing/saying déjala terminar / acabar lo que está haciendo/de hablar
      • to finish -ing terminar / acabar de + inf
      • he hasn't finished painting it yet todavía no ha terminado / acabado de pintarlo
      • After finishing his task, he was invited to work at the Bureau, but he declined.
      • After she had finished the required tasks she got right down to work on getting to know the dogs.
      • Co-ordination work has started and a task force will finish a feasibility study for the whole project by the end of this year.
      • He sat with the sick man until late in the evening, and then finished the food himself.
      • That sort of interaction gave me fuel to finish my task.
      • Mark finished his drink, and spun the glass round and round on the table in front of him.
      • Reluctantly, she finishes her homework and eats a quiet dinner with her family.
      • His proof was so complex that referees spent 6 years checking the results, without completely finishing the task.
      • At one, there was a load of polystyrene boxes outside with the remains of takeaway meals, dumped by people who couldn't be bothered to finish their food.
      • He waited patiently for Ambrose to finish his drink, then took the canteen from the man's outstretched hand.
      • I came back in and finished my drink and looking back I can't recall that it tasted any different.
      • He was highly regarded and known as a hard-working, diligent member of the team who could be trusted to finish any task with characteristic good humour.
      • I haven't managed to finish this week's task as it was quite involved so I've decided to carry it over until next week.
      • He was sad to read in the newspapers about a retired high school teacher having to hop from table to table in a food outlet to finish the leftovers on the plates.
      • Dr. Rothery visibly relaxed and went to finish the task she had started before the interruption, bringing my water over to me.
      • OK, by now you should have finished the colouring task I set earlier.
      • When she finished this task, she placed the basket securely on the dresser to await the arrival of Johnny's van.
      • Most Airmen know they're important to their mission and they must finish their tasks.
      • The carpenter would respond, and eventually a painter would get to the job site to finish the work.
      • He added: ‘I definitely want to be a professional musician once I finish my studies.’
      • The little sister has somehow finished her drink and disposed of the glass.
      • You can do the same following our step-by-step painting template, or finish the project as you see fit.
      • By early evening we will have finished our food, and will have had several drinks.
      • When in a hurry, workers devote mental resources to quickly finishing a task, rather than generating new ideas.
      • We discovered that we all had a horror of wasting food, and would finish a dish rather than throw it in the bin.
      • Also, Cleric wants Jim to follow him to Harvard, where he has accepted a job offer, and finish his education there.
      • After the meat was finished off, both Silhi and I laid on our backs and looked up at the sky.
      • I could have finished the task a couple of weeks ago, but, for some reason, I decided to prolong the agony and leave it hanging.
      • I did a Masters straight after my BA as I was couldn't decide between finding a job and trying to finish my studies.
      • He said that he would quit his post after he finishes his assigned task of reforming party policies, but that he would remain a party member.

    • 1.2(consume)

      (rations/drink/loaf) terminar
      (rations/loaf/drink) acabar
      we've finished our stock of coal se nos ha terminado / acabado el carbón

  • 2

    • 2.1(create surface texture on)

      (porcelain/cloth) terminar
      (wood) pulir
      • Teak takes on a beautifully polished appearance when finished because it contains natural oils.
      • Drywall can be difficult for a novice to finish to a smooth surface.
      • Only after many hours of finishing the surface, was the leather ready to be used.
      • The fuselage appears to be painted in olive green while the flying surface appears to be finished in silver.
      • The homeowner used a sage green stain to finish her garden wall.
      • All in all the rifle looked good and was finished in an attractive black satin finish.
      • Take the same care in cleaning and preparing a surface to be stained as you would in finishing it.

    • 2.2(add final touches to)

      (product/clothes) terminar
      (product/clothes) acabar

  • 3informal

    (person/project/career) acabar con
    the scandal finished him as a politician el escándalo acabó con su carrera política
    • the last few laps finished her las últimas vueltas acabaron con ella

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (come to end)
    (performance/course/work) terminar
    (work/performance/course) acabar
    the reading finished with a poem by Keats el recital terminó con un poema de Keats
    • she finished by summarizing the main points again concluyó resumiendo de nuevo los puntos principales
  • 2

    (complete activity)
    I've finished; may I leave the table? ya he terminado / acabado ¿me puedo levantar de la mesa?
    • if you've quite finished, may I get a word in? si has acabado ya ¿me dejas meter baza?
  • 3

    to finish first/second/last terminar en primer/segundo/último lugar
    • to finish well/badly acabar bien/mal


  • 1

  • 2

    fin masculine
    final masculine
    from start to finish del principio al fin / al final
    • to be in at the finish presenciar el final
    • to fight to the finish luchar hasta el final / el fin
    • a fight to the finish una lucha a muerte
  • 3

    (of race)
    llegada feminine
    it was a very close finish llegaron a la meta casi a la par
  • 4

    the finish el fin / el final
  • 5

    refinamiento masculine
  • 6

    (appearance of quality)
    acabado masculine
    terminación feminine
    the cheaper models lack the finish of the expensive ones los modelos más económicos no tienen el acabado de los caros
  • 7

    (surface texture)
    acabado masculine
    a matt/gloss finish un acabado mate/brillante
    • with a rough finish sin pulir