Translation of fire in Spanish:


fuego, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfaɪ(ə)r//ˈfʌɪə/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      fuego masculine
      to be on fire estar ardiendo
      • to set sth on fire/ to set fire to sth prenderle fuego a algo
      • to catch fire prender fuego
      • fire and brimstone el fuego eterno
      • a fire-and-brimstone sermon un sermón apocalíptico
      • to fight fire with fire pagar con la misma moneda
      • to go through fire and water hacerle frente a todo
      • I'd go through fire and water for her sake por ella iría hasta el fin del mundo
      • to play with fire jugar con fuego
      • to set the world / the Thames on fire comerse el mundo
      • he hopes to set the New York art world on fire espera revolucionar el mundo artístico neoyorquino
      • Even at one in the morning, they did not flinch when a roaring explosion of fire and smoke lit the sky behind them.
      • A large fire is usually burning, and many tall diving stories are told.
      • The drapes had been closed and the room was dark except for the flickering light of the dying fire.
      • The important thing to remember, Mr Ridgway said, is that keeping a building protected from the perils of fire is an ongoing process.
      • In minutes, a small but bright fire sent a thick stream of black smoke skywards.
      • He said sprinklers were effective on all fires and reduced the amount of damage caused by fire, smoke and water.
      • During a total Fire Ban, no fire of any kind may be lit in the open.
      • Build small, hot fires for maximum burning of volatile gases and for fewer air quality and other safety problems.
      • Suddenly a bright light, fire in fact, flared in front of her face, and a torch was lit.
      • You are more likely to die from smoke inhalation than fire.
      • When the kill had been made, Jimmy would light a small heather fire to make a smoke signal.
      • A fire door will prevent smoke and fire from spreading to other parts of the building.
      • They are also warning of the danger of fire associated with cigarette smoking.
      • It was already very late and the light from the fire was not bright enough to show all the features of Faith's face.
      • Away in the distance were fires where people were burning coal, and there would be a light from a forest fire.
      • There was no fire, and no trace that any fire had ever been lit there.
      • As I tried to make my escape downhill, a cloud of smoke from another fire enveloped me.
      • The different types of nozzles used to deal with different kinds of fire and smoke were also shown.

    • 1.2(outdoors)

      hoguera feminine
      fogata feminine
      wood/charcoal fire fuego de leña/carbón masculine
      • The only need the people had for wood was for fires, and that was provided more than amply enough by the smaller trees scattered along the edge of the forest.
      • Conditions were primitive and patients arrived suffering from malaria, crocodile or snake bites, or burns from open cooking fires.
      • Shivering, through the cold of his body, he dropped to the warmth of the dying fire.
      • Of course the fire was lit and tea was made on a regular basis.
      • One evening the air grew cold, and so the men went about collecting wood to build a fire.
      • I see myself reclining by a roaring peat fire, glass of whisky in one hand, fat piece of shortbread in the other.
      • Women are also responsible for collection of fuel for cooking fires.
      • Columns of smoke from cooking fires and controlled burns seemed to dangle groundward from the sky.
      • A little ahead of the bed he was on, was a small fireplace with a dim lit fire.
      • The fire is lit well ahead of time to allow the wood to burn down to non-flaming coals.
      • Taking another swig of his beer, his eyes came to rest on a stumbling figure walking away from the warmth of the large fire.
      • Much cooking is done in huge pots over a wood fire, stirring ingredients with a long stick.
      • It shines on both of us, she thought, turning back to the room and her warmly lit fire.
      • Coal and wood fires smell wonderful but are messy and time-consuming.
      • Under five sawn-off oil barrels fierce wood fires are burning: on top of them are the woks of giants, each as wide as I can stretch my arms.
      • Yasuko warmly welcomed her inside and offered her a bowl of soup and the warmth of his fire.

    • 1.3(in hearth)

      fuego masculine
      lumbre feminine literary
      a coal/log fire un fuego de carbón/leña
      • to lay/light the fire preparar/encender el fuego
      • we must keep the home fires burning tenemos que luchar por mantener la normalidad

  • 2

    incendio masculine
    there was a fire at the factory hubo un incendio en la fábrica
    • the fire was quickly brought under control lograron controlar las llamas rápidamente
    • as interjection fire! ¡fuego!
    • this is a fire hazard (cause of fire) esto podría causar un incendio
    • fire prevention prevención de incendios
    • fire protection protección contra incendios
    • fire regulations normativa contra incendios
  • 3British

    estufa feminine
    calentador masculine
  • 4

    ardor masculine
  • 5

    (of guns)
    fuego masculine
    to open fire on sb/sth abrir fuego contra algn/algo
    • to hold one's fire hacer alto el fuego
    • a burst of fire una ráfaga de disparos
    • to draw sb's fire distraer la atención de algn
    • to exchange fire tirotearse
    • to come under fire entrar en la línea de fuego
    • we were under fire estaban disparando sobre nosotros
    • he is under fire from both left and right está siendo atacado desde la derecha y desde la izquierda
    • to hang fire
    • we'd better hang fire va a ser mejor que esperemos
    • we are hanging fire over our expansion plans de momento hemos dejado en suspenso / de lado nuestros planes de expansión

transitive verb

  • 1

    (missile/gun/shot) disparar
    (rocket) lanzar
    to fire a gun at sb dispararle a algn
    • to fire a shot at sb dispararle un tiro a algn
  • 2

    to fire questions at sb hacerle / lanzarle preguntas a algn
  • 3informal

    she was fired la echaron
    • you're fired! ¡queda usted despedido!
  • 4

    (boiler/furnace) encender
  • 5

    (imagination/enthusiasm) avivar
    (passion) enardecer
    (passion) inflamar
    to fire sb with enthusiasm llenar de entusiasmo a algn
  • 6literary

    (set fire to)
    prenderle fuego a
  • 7

    (pottery) cocer

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer fuego
    to fire at sb/sth dispararle a algn/algo
    • to fire on sb disparar sobre algn
    • the police fired on the demonstrators la policía disparó sobre los manifestantes
    • ready, aim / take aim, fire! apunten ¡fuego!
  • 2

    (engine) encenderse