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fire house



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    • When I was a child, many fire companies were staffed by volunteer groups and the firehouses and their adjacent recreation halls were also centers of social activity.
    • We need schools and firehouses and roads built here in the United States of America.
    • In another setting, a firehouse was ordered to take down its largely secular holiday decorations, because neighbors were offended by it.
    • A number of my uncles followed him into the trade, and I spent part of my youth sliding down poles in firehouses around the city.
    • The development of paid fire forces did erode the distinct identities of different firehouses, creating a larger community of men bound by occupational identity.
    • In 30 seconds, we can be out of the firehouse and in front of a fire.
    • ‘Believe it or not, there are some firehouses and police stations in the country that don't even have computers,’ says Miller.
    • We came upon a firehouse, and as Tara is collecting photos of Ambulances and Firetrucks, we asked the firemen if we could see the trucks.
    • My travels brought me to middle schools, firehouses, and town halls, which are, of course, perfect backdrops for snap shots and handshakes.
    • Holding photographs of firehouses that are closing and schools in disrepair, they chanted, ‘Where's the jobs?’
    • The NYC Fire Museum is located, appropriately enough, in an old firehouse that was converted into a museum.
    • It takes a special kind of person to choose to do this for a living, or to choose to volunteer their time in the local firehouses.
    • Once, fire trucks roared out of firehouses on a regular basis; now, a fire company may go days or even weeks without a fire to respond to.
    • He significantly increased spending for public safety, police and firehouses - without increasing taxes.
    • Handmade posters of the missing are plastered in almost every neighbourhood, and candles and flowers have been placed in front of many of New York's firehouses and police stations.
    • New York City has about 8,700 firefighters in more than 200 firehouses.
    • The firehouse was full of retired and former members.
    • The firehouse, commissioned in 1966, represents the height and turning point of the architect's career.
    • And I will never go by a firehouse again without realizing who is in there and what they do for a living and how they take good care of us, you know.
    • If we are searching for a way to repair the world and live our day-to-day life with meaning, then what better way than to join the local firehouse.