Translation of firebreak in Spanish:


cortafuegos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəbreɪk//ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌbreɪk/


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    cortafuegos masculine
    • Even the channel proved inadequate as a firebreak, as strong winds carried burning debris over two kilometres to Bruny Island to start fresh fires.
    • Allowing people whose properties back on to the forest to keep their lawns watered would create a natural firebreak, said Calder.
    • They opened firebreaks in lower areas, around 1,600m above sea level, to prevent the fire from spreading down the mountain.
    • No one yet has identified how big the firebreak would have to be, but it could easily encompass not only portions of Michigan but areas of Ohio and Indiana.
    • Something tells me they'd bulldoze a damn big firebreak at one of the passes before letting the thing get down here.
    • Firefighters are now using bulldozers to build massive firebreaks around threatened mountain resorts.
    • The imposing stone structure served as a firebreak during the 1948 fire and the neighbouring presbytery, built of timber was saved from the flames.
    • Tinkering in his blacksmith shop, he created a tool that's half ax, half mattock, and ideal for digging firebreaks.
    • The only option for the section was to create a firebreak around the equipment and wait until the fire passed.
    • ‘About 150 firefighters are working 12-hour shifts and are in the process of beating, making firebreaks and dousing the flames with hoses,’ Gous said.
    • Large firebreaks are being cut into the Park destroying habitat important to endangered and threatened species.
    • Instead of going it alone, we Australians should put the firebreak behind us and co-operate with other countries seeking international solutions to these problems.
    • These builders had a contractual duty to build this wall so as to act as a firebreak.
    • But a driving east wind fanned the flames across firebreaks, and, despite the efforts of ward and parish officials and the lord mayor, they soon became uncontrollable.
    • Although the main purpose of these roads is to provide all-weather access, they can also serve as effective firebreaks if vegetation is kept to a minimum or eliminated.
    • If the tree canopy goes on fire, go to the far side of a firebreak (man-made or natural such as a river) and try to prevent sparks starting a fire in your area.
    • Ian, the sanctuary manager, has been busy on the grader putting the finishing touches to a firebreak.
    • As a consequence, the fire regime has been influenced by an increase in ignition sources, by changes in the fuel load, and by the creation of firebreaks.
    • Crews worked on a firebreak in a nearby canyon to try to cut off an eastward route for the fire.
    • These include preparation of firebreaks, maintenance of fire-fighting equipment, and liaison with neighbours and a fire protection officer in the area when a fire breaks out.