Translation of fireguard in Spanish:


pantalla, n.


  • 1

    (de chimenea) pantalla feminine
    • After draping her clothes over the fireguard, she tip-toed upstairs to her room in the loft and crawled into bed.
    • Make sure open fires have a suitable fireguard and are safe to leave.
    • The offer is that for every fireplace purchased by a customer, a free fireguard will be provided.
    • Alongside, my jeans and shorts - my only clothes to survive the night's escapades - were hanging on a fireguard and steaming slightly in the heat.
    • It's a long time since I boiled up a batch of handkerchiefs to be dried on the fireguard and ironed neatly.
    • Make sure that you use an appropriate fireguard for all fires.
    • A Sunday joint, a fireguard and a top hat were among the 10,000 articles which passengers lost after journeys during the previous 12 months.
    • Almost half of parents with an open, gas or electric fire did not have a fireguard, while 44% had not put locks on kitchen cupboard doors.
    • The fender and fireguard would then be replaced and the fire lit.
    • Use a fireguard if you have children, and fit smoke alarms in case a spark goes astray.
    • Our advice to the public is to close all doors and unplug unnecessary electrical items at night, take care with fireguards and smoking materials, check fire alarms and be extra careful on the roads.
    • If you have a fireplace, get a proper fireguard to put in front of it - those of you with children already crawling will know how fast they can move.
    • It was hard in wet weather to get them dry, too, but somehow or other they did, on the fireguard, over the airer, or even in the oven!