Translation of firepower in Spanish:


potencia de fuego, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəpəʊə//ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌpaʊ(ə)r/


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    potencia de fuego feminine
    • Few generals have ever had such an addiction to firepower, or such a conviction that their front was the vital theatre of war.
    • In plain English, it means the enemy fears the Indian Army's increasing firepower.
    • They command awesome firepower and supervise the most terrible weapons of mass destruction ever devised.
    • They would have had to develop more offensive firepower and find a few more shooters.
    • As the threat of a Cold War recedes, they unleash their tanks and firepower on prehistoric burial mounds.
    • Over the years 24 versions were made and the Spitfire doubled in weight, engine power and firepower.
    • Jeeps can carry up to three soldiers, making them fast troop transports with plenty of firepower.
    • He was not unaware of the new conditions in warfare that favoured defensive firepower.
    • Brokers say it could add to its firepower by announcing a huge sale and leaseback deal on its portfolio of freehold properties.
    • It certainly has the financial firepower to add to its current interests.
    • The Argylls, being a light unit, were short on armour, firepower and mobility.
    • Its firepower will surpass that of the armored personnel carriers now in service.
    • He says that the corporate banking side will now have enough firepower to look at far bigger deals.
    • We have some tremendous firepower available to us in the form of Air Force and Naval air.
    • The bad guys in a single city may have more firepower than that carried by the allied troops on D Day.
    • It was designed to concentrate firepower to disrupt and destroy the opponent's military capability.
    • The highly trained Rangers can field formidable firepower for such a small and mobile force.
    • With all this firepower, a spat between clans often turns into a pitched battle.
    • The firepower of an infantry company was increased by a third as the pikemen were phased out and issued with muskets and bayonets.
    • Four Warrior armoured personnel carriers arrived and in terms of firepower gave the troops the upper hand.