Translation of fireside in Spanish:


hogar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəsʌɪd//ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌsaɪd/


  • 1

    hogar masculine
    we sat by the fireside nos sentamos al calor del fuego
    • before noun fireside chair sillón
    • This dessert wine - fragrant with aromas of raisins and vanilla - is best poured at fireside.
    • A fairy tale can find its beginnings in the simple sentences of sagas told at the family fireside.
    • Resplendent in his long black coat, starched white collar and hard black hat tied with a white ribbon, he resembled in my mind a character often described to us in fireside ghost stories.
    • Mother liked to chat with other family members as she plied her knitting by the fireside.
    • And it sells all the fireside accompaniments needed to achieve a blazing fire on a cold winter evening.
    • Almost 12 hours after leaving home the comfort of fireside and family beckon.
    • However, the hour was late and the last train called us from our fireside reverie.
    • This simple logic re-emphasises the importance of books, which can be consumed in the comfort of a fireside chair.
    • It is like a fireside tale whispered carefully into your ear.
    • Made from cherrywood, this chair, the last of five versions, was designed for a fireside alcove.
    • It's much easier to appreciate the finer points of dull, rainy days from one's own fireside, that I have to confess.
    • Intruders used a fireside peat basket to carry antique silverware, porcelain and clocks to a waiting van.
    • Add to that a heavy mist and you've got the kind of driving conditions that make the fireside look awful tempting.
    • This is history that's as comfortable as a pair of fireside slippers.
    • Her mother's family were all fireside singers.
    • The plot is a typical fireside ghost story - murder, infidelity and a message from beyond the grave - and the thrills are familiar.
    • As the autumn evenings draw in, a cosy fireside armchair beckons!
    • I can read the lives of dukes and of princes in nice picture books by the comfort of my own fireside.
    • Many the years that have passed since we sat entranced by the stories of the old people by the fireside long ago.
    • But here was a real pro, oozing homespun fireside wisdoms - his beard big and bushy enough to hide a flock of starlings, little round specs, big red boots and rouged cheeks.