Translation of firewater in Spanish:


aguardiente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəwɔːtə//ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌwɔdər//ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌwɑdər/


informal, humorous

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    aguardiente masculine
    • Bull owners pride themselves on making their animals as aggressive as possible either by baiting them or feeding them large quantities of arrack, the local firewater.
    • ‘I tasted it and it was pure firewater,’ Taylor said.
    • I make spot inspections and sometimes leave with an occasional bottle of overpriced firewater.
    • Her voice was slightly hoarse from the firewater and recent awakening.
    • Harsh words elevated into a heated argument fueled by firewater on both sides.
    • Bulgarians begin the meal with a salad which is taken with rakia, the national firewater, and consumed ever so slowly.
    • They hunted, fished and stole ponies, and occasionally when a trader came and supplied them, they drank firewater and fought with one another.
    • You learn humility pretty quickly, he says, when you're on your own in Bradford on a Friday night and five big blokes on firewater want to beat the hell out of you.
    • If you've over-indulged in those fine New Zealand wines or given into the temptation to taste the Indian firewater made from cashew nuts, your body may not be thanking you the following day.
    • He hasn't had a taste of firewater in eight years.
    • This ritual educated me in some of the most important cornerstones of life: family, friends, and firewater.
    • As we danced and drank firewater away from the crush, thug after thug was hauled out of the crowd, some spattered with blood, others merely loaded to the gunwales with stolen booty.
    • Isn't it funny how changes of plans come so easily when firewater courses through your veins?
    • Beaches and the ‘body beautiful’, samba and beer, football and the local firewater called cachaca are a way of life here.
    • His fondness for the firewater cost him a seven-day jail sentence earlier this month following a second drink-driving offence.
    • Through its website it has proved itself to be an unrivalled source of the best firewater in the world.
    • I had barely set foot in the door when I had a glass of firewater thrown into my hand by one of my mum's friends.
    • And like tequila - not long ago viewed as firewater for party animals - rum is being offered in an expanding array of aged ‘sipping’ varieties.
    • Reading your posts is like drinking firewater.
    • Long ago, he divulged, after drinking the white man's firewater, he had lost control of himself, and Colonel Munro had ordered that he be publicly beaten.