Translation of first-rate in Spanish:


de primera, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌfərst ˈˌreɪt/


  • 1

    (performance/book/athlete) de primera
    (performance/athlete/book) de primer orden
    (bore/idiot) de marca mayor
    • The film is a delightful romantic and comedic concoction with a first-rate cast and excellent production values.
    • But the writing and the direction are excellent, absolutely first-rate, and I cannot resist it.
    • As a senior club, this was their second team, yet their hunger and quality was first-rate.
    • Stop by for a drink before dinner and even come back afterwards to enjoy first-rate music and fine company.
    • Construction throughout reflects first-rate craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail.
    • Twenty first-rate musicians and singers perform on this album, adding colour, texture and contrast to the songs of the little Yorkshire lass.
    • Visitors to an inn in the Langdale valley are being treated to some first-rate clarinet music by an accomplished European musician this summer.
    • The presentation quality of the book is first-rate and technical errors are generally minor.
    • I've seen more first-rate cinema in the past five weeks than I have in the past five years, and now I'm getting into the books as well.
    • My fellow students and I had some first-rate teachers and two excellent and highly-respected heads.
    • Institute faculty will, of course, play an important role in providing a first-rate, quality program.
    • Simple, rustic meals, focusing more on quality ingredients, such as first-rate olive oil.
    • The quality is first-rate and orders are processed quickly.
    • After customer satisfaction, be sure to leave a first-rate impression about the quality of your company.
    • If you want a bit of class, golf, first-rate diving and hurricane parties, think mid-Atlantic.
    • The image quality on this disc from Warner Brothers is first-rate.
    • The texture quality is first-rate, creating highly detailed objects, environments and vehicles.
    • She has great reserves of iron ore, although mostly not of first-rate quality.
    • It included two first-rate composers and several excellent performers.
    • His mathematical work, though not large in quantity, was first-rate in quality.