Translation of first mate in Spanish:

first mate

primer oficial, n.


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    primer oficial masculine
    primera oficial feminine
    segundo de a bordo masculine
    segunda de a bordo feminine
    • In 1789, the first mate of the Bounty, Fletcher Christian, had cast Captain Bligh and 18 others adrift in an open boat.
    • The first mate quickly retrieved the captain's red shirt.
    • The captain commanded Jose to stop and his first mate obeyed.
    • The first mate grinned and held out a hand for the captain.
    • The first mate was in charge on deck, and Devlin, the cook, was cooking up a meal of all the perishable food.
    • When everyone was served, the cook filled a basket with food for the lookout and helmsman and set it out near the first mate.
    • Throwing the captain, his first mate and even half the crew of the Titanic overboard would not have avoided imminent disaster.
    • Like a seasoned first mate, I learned quickly how to give orders.
    • Finn watches his first mate wave the makeshift truce flag at the ship, hoping he wasn't about to see his friend get blown to smithereens.
    • The first mate flinched when he heard the Captain bark his name as he entered up from under deck.
    • Upon reach the ship, the first mate looked back over his shoulder.
    • Both their captain and the first mate abandon them on a sinking ship with no food and no hope.
    • Amy did not feel as if she needed to properly address a mere sailor, even if he was the first mate.
    • The first mate threw a glance over the sailors crowded on the main deck.
    • Irishman Charles Lucas, a ship's first mate, was honoured for bravery during action in the Baltic during the Crimean War.
    • During the trip, Jones unexpectedly became the ship's master when its captain and first mate died suddenly.
    • Early in the story, Jim finds himself first mate on a ship badly damaged at sea.
    • The Captain looked as though he wished the first mate was lying lifeless on the floor with the dead men.
    • With the crew distributed among three boats, the captain, Pollard, on the advice of the first mate, Chase, took a fatally wrong decision.
    • He took the captain's gig back to the Bastante where he passed on the Captain's words to the first mate.