Translation of First Nation in Spanish:

First Nation

pueblos indígenas del Canadá, n.



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    pueblos indígenas del Canadá
    • I spent the first months meeting people and listening to our 11 First Nations communities.
    • Everyone recognizes that the Assembly of First Nations is an unwieldy organization in dire need of reform.
    • Since when were the First Nations of Canada homogenous, or even similar?
    • The balance of power between colonial interests was controlled by the First Nations until the American civil war.
    • Specific claims arise when the federal government breaches its agreements with First Nations.
    • He will not quibble about the cost of this process because Canada owes First Nations more than it can ever repay.
    • This action by the minister to silence us is an ominous sign for all First Nations organizations in Canada.
    • The report also stated that Canada has tried to fit all First Nations into the same box.
    • One of the problems with our education has been the government's approach to First Nations communities.
    • I am a final year Australian law student and I've come to Canada for my final semester to study First Nations law.
    • She was the first First Nations woman in Canada to obtain a law degree.
    • There is disagreement within the First Nations community about that.
    • Unlike many First Nations people in Canada, the Inuit have always given Canada the benefit of the doubt.
    • The Six Nations councillor representing a B.C. First Nation raised his hands and remained in his chair.
    • It is time a party began to work towards settlement with the First Nations people of Canada.
    • It is the largest First Nation community in Manitoba, with an on-reserve population of approximately 3,065 residents.
    • Canada holds in trust a little over a billion dollars that belongs to the First Nations communities.
    • Talks between the First Nation and the federal and provincial governments broke off in 1995.
    • Frequently they do it from an office far from the First Nation and rarely visit the community, often only twice-monthly to deliver cheques.
    • This respect should be expanded to embrace all aspects of First Nations culture within North America.