Translation of first officer in Spanish:

first officer


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    • A Marine Accident Investigation Branch report last week blamed the first officer of the German-registered ship for its sinking after he fell asleep at the controls and missed a vital change of course.
    • The ship's first officer was asleep on his hammock, clutching something close to his chest.
    • When he stepped out onto nighttime deck, he could see his first officer and a crewman standing in a circle talking with a group of crewmen from the Berlin, and he quickly made his way over to them.
    • In March 2001, the first officer of the cruise ship Caledonian Star saw a wave that chilled his soul.
    • His dad, Tom, now in his eighties, started off in the Navy as an able-bodied seaman, but worked his way up to become a first officer in the Admiralty.