Translation of first person in Spanish:

first person


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    the first person singular/plural la primera persona del singular/plural
    • a novel written in the first person una novela escrita en primera persona
    • Second, many stories that Evans treats as first-person experience are plainly nothing of the sort.
    • Nothing is being kept from the reader - we know as much as our first-person protagonist, Carl, does.
    • Its focus is on subjectivity and lived experienced, usually told as a first-person narrative.
    • To begin with, a first-person narrator must usually be a reasonably articulate individual, if he is to be convincing.
    • This could not happen to a real person, nor, perhaps, to the narrator of a first-person novel.
    • You imagine a voice for the blogger's endless first-person narrative.
    • Yes, the novel itself is a first-person novel, it's written in the first person.
    • Everyone would think of it as a very clever first-person story.
    • The use of Joy as a narrator on the soundtrack reflects the first-person narration of the original novel.
    • Daisy has a fragility that is beautifully conveyed in her delicately ungainly first-person narration.
    • Fowler is the first-person narrator of the book and so most of his best material is internal monologue.
    • In a chatty, first-person narrative, the down-to-earth Nan describes going into service while still a child herself.
    • You wrote a first-person story for Newsday about this very frightening ordeal.
    • His first-person account of his experiences will be serialised in the Wiltshire Times over the next few weeks.
    • If he wants to write a political first-person story about how he feels on issues, fine.
    • Well, the first-person narrator is not the only one who feels despair when faced with something like that.
    • I love the way that first-person narrative can seem fictional.
    • Padma's daughter, Mallika introduces her mother, the only first-person narration in the book.
    • He wanted to do a first-person narrative describing a real human story and he wanted to fuse stories within the work.
    • The protagonist, who tells the story as a first-person account, is the hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake.