Translation of firstly in Spanish:


en primer lugar, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfəːs(t)li//ˈfərstli/


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    en primer lugar
    • Fur isn't a good fashion choice for two reasons, firstly it simply doesn't look very good.
    • There are two axioms; firstly, that legal bans only affect the law abiding.
    • The problem with these views is firstly that it is not clear in what sense dialectics is a logic.
    • That has changed: firstly, he has not had to contend with long-term injury lay-offs.
    • Two problems: firstly, we don't have a hat that she can sleep in, and as a consequence she mangles her head.
    • These tags are used for a variety of purposes, firstly to format the layout of a web page and secondly to build in links to other pages and files.
    • If the Government is wrong, that begs two questions: firstly, what does this mean?
    • OK, firstly, will someone decide whether the girls were wearing headscarves or veils.
    • There were a couple of reasons for this, firstly as it was just too damn hot.
    • Our criteria were, firstly, we would take people where they wanted to go.
    • You state that prison serves two purposes - firstly to punish and secondly to protect the public.
    • To raise money you need three things: firstly, a powerful cause, well articulated.
    • I asked a couple of questions, firstly to ascertain if the public knew there was not going to be a parade.
    • Funds would then be needed firstly to refurbish the building and then to cover its operating costs.
    • In other words, there is, firstly, a clear economic case for increased immigration.
    • I am on the side of legalising cannabis for a number of reasons, firstly to break the link between cannabis and hard drugs.
    • Well, firstly I would take issue with the motives she ascribes to grown-up fans.
    • Well, firstly I found it an excellent story and it was hard to put it down.
    • Dear Neil, firstly, I'd like to thank you for contributing to our journal on a regular basis.
    • Well firstly I can't escape the impression that the excitable kid is getting a bit carried away.