Translation of fish ladder in Spanish:

fish ladder

escala de peces, n.


  • 1

    (en presas, cascadas etc) escala de peces feminine
    • City officials proposed using the revenue to cover the cost of removing 620 miles of road, building fish ladders, and other environmental protections.
    • A fish ladder was built into the 29-foot-high dam.
    • Dams prevent upstream migration of adult salmon, but this can be overcome to some extent by the construction of fish ladders in which the salmon jump up a long series of waterfalls.
    • With farmers' cooperation, fish ladders were improved, five dams were removed entirely, and alternate water sources were found for some irrigators.
    • We also have constructed fish ladders and we developed quite a few parks for the public to come and see, and learn about the potential of the river restoration.