Translation of fishing in Spanish:


pesca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪʃɪŋ//ˈfɪʃɪŋ/


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    pesca feminine
    (port/industry/fleet/vessel) (before noun) pesquero
    fishing grounds pesquerías feminine Southern Cone Peru
    • A fourth element involves restricting fishing activity in one or more lakes.
    • A good flood on Monday should bring in a lot more fish, and fishing should be good this week.
    • Some activities - mountain-bike hire, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing - are not included.
    • Incidentally, second to skydiving, fishing is his favourite sport.
    • As fishing was a communal activity, with boats crewed by different families, it was necessary to mark the fish so that its owner could be identified once the fish was landed on the beach.
    • They can fish in our waters but we can't fish in theirs, and the Mediterranean is teeming with fish while our fishing grounds are almost depleted.
    • For too long your family's presence in Scotland has been coloured by Balmoral and the late summer season with its fishing, robust outdoor activities and Highland games.
    • Deep-sea fishing is one of a number of non-sailing activities available.
    • Those that did fish experienced very poor fishing and had only a slight improvement in the evening.
    • The researchers conducted more than 60 interviews covering various aspects of fishing activities.
    • Prizes include rods and reels, fishing tackles kits, fishing tackle packs, picnic baskets, a marine radio and aerial, plus a lot more.
    • Since then, sport fishing has accounted for thousands of fish per year.
    • The fact that humans are killing about 20 to 30 million sharks a year through commercial sport and fishing is also food for thought.
    • Over the last year, there's been a surge in illegal fishing activity in Australia's northern waters.
    • Instead of providing a person with fish for that day's food, teach him fishing so that he could be self-reliant.
    • Another fishing boat picked up three bodies and a lone female survivor.
    • But the Spanish government continues to insist that its fishing fleet can fish in Irish water from January.
    • The trips are described as the ideal way to get an introduction to the sport of fishing and meeting like minded people.
    • It is there, she realises, to poach fish before the licensed fishing crews set out.
    • Last weekend saw a lot of fishing activity due to the great weather we've been having of late.
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    pesca feminine
    (trip/club/season) (before noun) de pesca
    the fishing's better further downstream la pesca es mejor río abajo
    • [ S ]no fishing prohibido pescar
    • (search for information) to be on a fishing expedition tantear el terreno
    • to go on a fishing expedition ir de pesca