Translation of fishing line in Spanish:

fishing line

sedal, n.


  • 1

    sedal masculine
    • You don't need fishing lines to catch these fish!
    • Tackle consists of some nylon fishing line and a small hook.
    • Japanese scientists attracted the squid toward cameras attached to a baited fishing line.
    • These include artificial tendons and ligaments, biodegradable fishing lines, parachute cords, and bulletproof vests.
    • Strung through this little crab subdivision were two fishing lines, threaded through a system of pulleys.
    • The male swan, or cob, was unable to free itself for three days after a fishing hook became embedded in its leg and the fishing line got wrapped around it.
    • Mr Dilworth, realising if he didn't act quickly there would be a tragedy, cut the tackle of his fishing line to which he attached a three ounce weight.
    • He then used a fishing line to hook the painting off the wall.
    • I would therefore appeal to fishermen to take more care when discarding their fishing lines and hooks, because swans use that area.
    • She had stopped paddling, and was taking in the fishing lines and rod, which had provided only one small fish so far.
    • A mid-sized rig loomed in the distance, floating on the water with several fishing lines cast over the sides.
    • Alone on the water, he sets up his fishing lines with the utmost precision, a skill that other fisherman lack.
    • Some nets are even outfitted with sonar to allow fishermen to steer their nets around obstacles and keep fishing lines at the same depth as their target.
    • On the pier, small boys drop baited fishing lines into sluggish, muddy water.
    • His voice rises and falls like a cork float on a fishing line.
    • Then, as now, I found that sewing with nylon fishing line rather than thread worked best for my needs.
    • Conservationists estimate that as many as 100,000 albatrosses and 200,000 other birds are killed each year when they get hooked on the fishing lines and drown.
    • Once again he rummaged blindly beneath him for something to use as a fishing line and hook.
    • Longlines are fishing lines that can stretch over dozens of miles and are baited with hundreds of hooks.
    • In fishing for shark, there is a 30-foot cable between the fishing line and the bait.