Translation of fitter in Spanish:


probador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪdər//ˈfɪtə/


  • 1

    probador masculine
    probadora feminine
    • We were met by the costume fitter inside and it was there, in the costume room that my ideas of how a studio should be began to be realised.
    • Also inform the shoe fitter of any previous injuries you might have had, as this could affect the type of shoe suitable to you.
    • It's best to chose a few different bras in your measured size and ask a trained fitter to check which one gives you the best support and shape.
    • Two-thirds of the fitters recommended bras with the wrong underwire shape, according to the report.
    • Every woman I've ever spoken to on the subject has had nothing but praise for their fitters and assistants.
  • 2

    (in garage) mecánico masculine
    (in garage) mecánica feminine
    (in car industry, shipbuilding) operario masculine
    (in car industry, shipbuilding) operaria feminine
    (plumber) plomero masculine Latin America Peru Spain
    (plumber) plomera feminine Peru Latin America Spain
    (plumber) fontanero masculine Latin America Peru Spain
    (plumber) fontanera feminine Peru Latin America Spain
    (masculine and feminine) (plumber) gásfiter Peru Latin America Chile Spain
    (plumber) gasfitero masculine Latin America Peru Spain
    (plumber) gasfitera feminine Peru Latin America Spain
    (not specialized) obrero masculine British
    (not specialized) obrera feminine British
    • Picked at random, washing machine repairers, drainage specialists, boiler fitters and aerial technicians visited the ordinary looking house in a suburban street.
    • Jack had been a kitchen fitter working for a large company for several years before deciding to set up on his own building and fitting kitchens to order.
    • Planned action by steel erectors, pipe fitters and welders to hit construction work on high-profile sites for this week has been called off after employers rushed to negotiate a deal.
    • Most of the customers only discovered that the company had gone out of business after fitters failed to turn up to install their fireplaces.
    • Meanwhile, the welders and vessel fitters were working long hours for a pittance - all the while being charged $50 per month for their board.
    • The strike involves some 350 drivers, fitters and support staff.
    • The workers, including electricians, fitters and welders, are demanding that the company substantially increase its latest 3.5 percent pay offer.
    • We immediately need ten new people and we have advertised in vain for sheet metal workers, fabricators, electricians and pipe work fitters.
    • Some 20,000 steel erectors, pipe fitters and welders across Britain could strike over pay.
    • A surprising finding was the increased relative risk in electrical fitters and telephone installers.
    • If this means that there are going to be more carpenters and electricians and fitters and welders available for work, then it has to be a great idea.
    • He is a machine fitter and has been helping the British Engineers bring the power station back on line.
    • Pipe fitters, electrical and sheet metal workers, brick masons and ironworkers were reported to have honored picket lines at the stadium worksite.
    • He is a mechanical fitter by trade and he hopes to return to working on the railways.
    • He believed his son, a mechanical fitter, had a secure future.
    • They included a pipe fitter, a nursery worker, a writer, a nurse and a computer programmer, among others.
    • The dispute involves 16 diesel fitters who work on engines for ships and power stations.
    • A month ago, his Edinburgh branch was issuing a press release trumpeting the fact that 46 of those made redundant there had found retraining as gas central heating fitters.
    • Every company asks me where to find extra engineers, extra welders, extra fitters and turners, extra builders, and extra electricians.
    • Those detained included an accountant, a builder, a window fitter and a machine operator.