Translation of fitting in Spanish:


adecuado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪtɪŋ//ˈfɪdɪŋ/


  • 1

    (conclusion/testimony) adecuado
    (tribute) digno
    it is fitting that he should be buried there lo que corresponde es que se lo entierre allí
    • After the crushing blow on Monday, a medal would have been fitting reward for the two-times Olympic veteran, who is to retire at the end of this season.
    • It would be a fitting reward for a panel of players who have worked hard during the year to ensure that they maintained their status in the top flight.
    • The increases are a fitting reward for the hard work that produced such impressive results in the research assessment exercise.
    • Armed with disposable cameras, students endeavoured to capture their views of the town and title each shot with an appropriate and fitting caption.
    • Am I to take it that you think it is an appropriate, a proper, and a fitting situation that you judge it?
    • They were worthy winners of this year's prize for endeavour, a fitting reward for those who have worked so tirelessly towards the improvement of the village.
    • This is a difficult area and a matter that is fitting and suitable for this Court to pronounce upon.
    • They started to win possession at will and got their reward with a last gasp goal which was a fitting reward for their great second half performance.
    • That would be a fitting reward for the commitment made by Taylor, and by his family.
    • Yet he is gentle and attentive at the most unexpected, but appropriate and fitting times.
    • At the same time, those who render meritorious service should be given due recognition with fitting rewards.
    • It was a fitting reward for the family from the Eyre Peninsula, whose property at Greenpatch was devastated during recent fires.
    • These were fitting and appropriate words to draw the public's attention to the contribution the Navy made to the ‘Great War’.
    • It was a fitting reward for his efforts which have resulted in him losing nearly two stone.
    • It was a fitting reward for his sterling efforts.
    • It would somehow be more fitting if skill was rewarded more solidly than dumb luck.
    • A fitting reward for the new Golden Boy of management.
    • As the only group of its kind in the North West, director Andy Gutteridge, 33, said it would be a fitting reward for them.
    • It is a fitting reward for a man to the manor born.
    • His injury-time matchwinner was a fitting reward for a tireless, wholehearted, committed performance.


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    • 1.1Clothing
      (trying on)

      prueba feminine
      • Plus, who wants to book a bunch of wedding dress fittings between check-ups and upchucks?
      • She actually flew to Paris to get fittings done, so the dress fits her perfectly.
      • Amidst this, the first costume fittings take place in the art room.
      • She prayed that the fitting would be brief; she was in no mood to quibble over laces and fabrics with some silly woman.
      • Apparently, Camilla had six outfit fittings and 10 hat fittings, and a final dress rehearsal before settling on the final dress.
      • Then there is the other part of our job, which is the daily fitting of the garments.
      • Chances are if you've spent enough money on a high quality pair of pants or suit, the vendor will offer you a fitting and alterations, free of charge.
      • Last week, in between costume fittings and rehearsals here, he sat down for an interview.
      • More than likely, it would just be something about a fitting for a gown for Genevieve's wedding or a ball Cate was required to attend.
      • Monday is rehearsals, costume fittings, and some test footage on different kinds of camera.
      • Take the suit you are planning to wear to the fitting.
      • The ship's seamstress did the fitting, and the garment came out beautifully.
      • We sat for awhile longer then drove to the fitting.
      • For the initial fitting, sew the garment shell only, leaving off the sleeves, collars, facings and other design details.
      • If you give them your measurements in advance you ought to be okay - I've had both black and white tie from there without fittings and it's been okay.
      • None of the lead actors has appeared for costume fittings or rehearsals.
      • All the bridesmaids were supposed to be at the fitting at exactly four o'clock.
      • To set up the interview we had to work it in around fittings for his new costumes.
      • You do remember we have to go for our costume fittings this weekend.
      • Despite this popularity, however, it is known that many women have never undergone a fitting for a bra and few know how to measure correctly in order to ensure that what they wear is the ultimate in comfort and support.

    • 1.2British Clothing

      (of clothes) medida feminine
      (of shoe) horma feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(accessory)

      accesorio masculine
      • On the high-end are hardwood veneers and stain-grade solid wood doors with better hardware and excellent fittings.
      • Once the sink and its fittings have been removed, the next step will be to disassemble the counter tops and remove the cabinets.
      • The solid mahogany bar fittings and furniture and deep pile furnishings sets the tone of the club.
      • Hardware stores sell brass fittings that convert standard pipe thread to the same thread used on garden hoses.
      • The buildings had been vandalised - taps, pipes and toilet fittings have been damaged and in cases, removed.
      • There was a massive kitchen at Dom's house with loads of matching wooden cupboards with brass fittings.
      • The choice is unlimited, ranging from marbles, bathroom fittings to furniture to wall paintings and even safe lockers, all of which make a distinct impression to the visitor.
      • They submit that the brass fittings are of the required standard having regard (inter alia) to the age and character of the House.
      • The compartments are ideal for fasteners, fittings, small tools, small cans of paint or stain, or whatever suits the project you're working on.

    • 2.2fittings pluralBritish Building

      accesorios masculine
      electrical fittings instalaciones eléctricas feminine
      • bathroom fittings grifería y accesorios de baño
      • The architects designed special fittings for the building.
      • Mary moved about the fittings and furnishings like she was returning to a room she'd left years ago, but which had miraculously remained unchanged.
      • Running costs were rising, and the building with its fittings was deteriorating.
      • After gutting the building of all her fittings, the walls and heritage windows were painstakingly prepared for their new coating over the first two days.
      • But some applicants were only insured for structures and not contents, and in a flood a considerable amount of furniture, fixtures and fittings would be destroyed or damaged.
      • By partnering with local and national modular builders, complete buildings including fixtures and fittings can be transported to site.
      • The flood scenario was described as ‘waterfalls from the ceiling’; the building and its fittings became damp, moist, and broken.
      • Attractive pieces of furniture and fittings that are not part of the sale, all encourage the viewer to feel positive about a house and help make a sale.
      • ‘I think that, because of its historical links and the attractiveness of the building and the internal fittings, it is a good proposition,’ he said.
      • The interior of the ship was in relatively good condition when it arrived from the former Soviet Union, but almost all the fixtures, fittings and furniture was stripped from the vessel.
      • This figure excludes fees, furniture and fittings.
      • He also stated that he wanted a qualified electrician to remove a CCTV camera and some other fittings from the stud buildings.
      • With the old fittings having been removed, the room is now spacious enough to be used for special functions and its walls have been adorned with many historic cricket photographs which have been unearthed at the ground.
      • It would be relatively easy for the new owner to remove these fittings and restore the room to a double bedroom.
      • All fittings and furniture - tall backed chairs, display counters and monolithic reception desk - were designed by the practice.
      • Workmen are removing the remaining fixtures and fittings before bulldozers move in for the 30-week demolition job.
      • English Heritage noted that many of the internal fittings had been removed and concluded the building was not one of architect William Trent's best buildings, and therefore it was not worth saving.
      • But delays meant they only got the keys this week, and the building has no electricity, gas, toilets or interior fittings.
      • He says the price was about $2000 a square metre, including land, building and fittings.
      • The book comes with a layout grid and reusable peel-off stickers depicting bathroom furniture, fixtures and fittings in a variety of shapes and sizes.