Translation of five-a-side in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌfʌɪvəˈsʌɪd//ˌfaɪvəˈsaɪd/



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    five-a-side football futbolito masculine Colombia Chile
    • At the same time, brokers will want to hear more about the group's plans to open a chain of health clubs and five-a-side soccer domes.
    • There was a disappointing turnout for the launch of a new monthly five-a-side soccer tournament in Pewsey on Sunday.
    • The school has just won a £12,000 grant to build three five-a-side soccer pitches.
    • The layout also includes the building of a new health club and restaurant, improved bar, clubhouse and shop plus two new indoor five-a-side pitches.
    • There is a desperate shortage of five-a-side football pitches in this area.
    • It also boasts five-a-side football and basketball facilities.
    • There also will be a tug-of-war, penalties competition and a ladies' five-a-side football tournament.
    • In another strangely bizarre move, I have also agreed to try out for A's women's five-a-side football team next week.
    • An outdoor sports centre with five-a-side football and hockey pitches.
    • A corporate indoor five-a-side football league will kick-start the hall into community action in January.
    • York would benefit particularly from the planned cricket, football, and all-weather five-a-side football pitches.
    • A falconry display will also take flight on the day, and boys and girls will play in finals of the local schools' annual five-a-side football tournament.
    • The high school has a swimming pool and two five-a-side pitches, but can only be used for clubs and lessons.
    • The synthetically surfaced courts are equipped for use for either five-a-side soccer or basketball.
    • The site, mainly used for five-a-side football and volleyball, had a worn surface and fencing and floodlights needed to be replaced.
    • Multi-use games areas provide facilities to cater for netball, basketball and five-a-side football as well as an additional area for tennis.
    • Cheering spectators packed into the aisles as eight five-a-side teams at a time played the fiercest and fastest football they could.
    • It also has a large tarmac sports area, for tennis, basketball and five-a-side soccer.
    • The facilities will also be on offer to the netball teams and both junior and adult five-a-side football teams.
    • The school will use the money to fund an Astroturf pitch for five-a-side football, hockey, basketball, netball and other sports.