Translation of fixed assets in Spanish:

fixed assets

activo fijo, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    activo fijo masculine
    • Much of the capital in rural areas is in fixed assets and not easily converted for investment purposes, she said.
    • Since their material costs are higher, they often invest less in fixed assets.
    • Operating leverage was measured as the ratio of fixed assets to total assets for each year.
    • All told, business investment in fixed assets has fallen by nearly a third from its peak of $220 billion two years ago, to an annualized rate of $160 billion today.
    • The former is intended to compensate the host railway for depreciation of the fixed assets associated with use by other railways.
    • Other major beneficiaries from the loan which is provided to the private sector for investment in fixed assets and working capital are the transport, financial and manufacturing sectors.
    • The company owns more than €3.59 million in fixed assets, mostly freehold land and buildings.
    • This reconciliation covers both what we call produced assets, which are fixed assets, and inventories.
    • Three types of assets are included in the balance sheet: current assets, fixed assets and intangible assets.
    • For long-term loans, fixed assets such as land are preferred.
    • Surprisingly, as subversive as the approach sounds, flexibility reduces costs in fixed assets with lower investment per capita.
    • The average value of fixed assets purchased was up $253,000 from 2002, to $8.5 million.
    • By the time I went into records storage, which requires a big investment in fixed assets, I had another company I could use to cover a lot of my start-up costs.
    • China is stepping up efforts to cool growth after investment in roads, factories and other fixed assets jumped 43 percent in the first quarter.
    • Beijing said steel and non-ferrous metal prices are falling amid slowing spending on factories, buildings and other fixed assets.
    • To illustrate this, consider a company that has recently invested heavily in fixed assets and has done so using bank finance.
    • Although the pace of investment in fixed assets eased slightly in April it nonetheless remains very strong.
    • The firm had around €53,000 in cash on its balance sheet and around €713,000 in fixed assets.
    • These are secured loans provided by a bank for fixed periods and for a specified purpose such as funding the purchase of, for example, property or fixed assets.
    • Second, building telecom networks is expensive - the last balance sheet revealed tangible fixed assets totalling £18b.