Translation of fixture in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪkstʃər//ˈfɪkstʃə/


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    • 1.1(in building)

      • Most of the antique fixtures - including light fittings, window and door frames - went missing.
      • There are materials right from paints, door handles, PVC doors, kitchen tiles and electrical fixtures that team up to make a graceful home.
      • Other products include lighting fixtures and wall panels.
      • Kitchen cabinets, light fixtures and switches had been removed and thrown on the floor, and a window had been knocked out.
      • My home-based design business sells store fixtures and related equipment to the retailers we work with.
      • During assembly, the glass is first positioned in a fixture with several sensors around the sunroof.
      • He says home renovations are one of the strongest sectors in the economy and people are buying new floor coverings, kitchen cabinets and light fixtures.
      • Remove the plumbing fixtures, faucet, handles, shower diverter, drain lever, and water valves.
      • Furniture-mounted uprights or fixtures built into hard partitions or casework are other possibilities.
      • There was a ceiling fan and light fixture, along with a tall floor lamp next to each bunk bed.
      • Cathedral ceilings, antique light fixtures and furniture that looked as though it had come straight from the twenties.
      • I quickly discovered that a piebald pigeon has taken up residence atop the light fixture on the balcony.
      • Insert the electrical cable into the fixture's junction box and fasten it with a cable clamp.
      • Images of furniture, fixtures, and decorations were fired at me one after another, without really giving me time to appreciate anything.
      • The not-so-simple situation is where your wall switch controls a light fixture.
      • There's still floor covering, lighting fixtures, and furniture to arrive.
      • The spa's assets include about $75,000 worth of furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
      • The elongated light fixtures neatly built into the ceiling illuminated the corridors providing vision for the patrolling guard units.
      • The list of items bought included lawn equipment, bathroom fixtures, hardware and even a refrigerator.
      • Hunting trophies line the walls and cartwheel light fixtures hang from the ceiling, illuminating the tables and paved stone floor.

      elemento de la instalación, como los artefactos del baño, cocina etc

    • 1.2(permanent feature)

      parte integrante feminine
      she's become a permanent fixture here ya forma parte del mobiliario humorous
      • Sherlock Holmes is a permanent fixture in popular culture, and he is particularly in fashion at the moment.
      • That was because she didn't want him to get to close, and wanted to remind herself that he was not a permanent fixture in her life.
      • A permanent fixture in the right back role, Fleming had a deserved testimonial awarded by his club at the start of this season.
      • The image of them, seemed like it was a permanent fixture in my brain.
      • Basil's percussion playing is almost a permanent fixture in the mall and he sticks to his task of earning an honest dollar with zeal.
      • Foreign tourists are now almost a permanent fixture in front of the Secretariat gates.
      • It is part of our national heritage and is a permanent fixture in our lives and that is not going to change anytime soon.
      • Now, although he is horrified of the sight of this jar, I'm betting that it becomes a permanent fixture in the house.
      • I'll know the outcome in a few weeks time as to whether I'm a permanent fixture in the office or not.
      • All the components of one of the best gardening gifts I have ever received are now a permanent fixture in my household.
      • He didn't foresee, though, that the farce would become a permanent fixture in our cultural life.
      • My derelict caravan was a permanent fixture in their boggy field.
      • A permanent fixture in his life for decades, Gerald, now 74, has been building sheds since he was a child.
      • The match was postponed in February, but it is hoped the fixture will go on to become a permanent fixture in the local footballing calendar for years to come.
      • Russell should be a permanent fixture in the top 25 of the Order of Merit, but he is treading water.
      • Should he continue in this fashion then he will become a permanent fixture in the South African team.
      • We have established ourselves as a fixture in the world of women's basketball.
      • A bronze statue slightly taller than the man himself has now been unveiled, and will stand as a permanent fixture in Epworth.
      • It looks like the web and SMS are now a permanent fixture in the election media mix.
      • She was his world and he was going to make her a permanent fixture in his life.

  • 2British

    encuentro masculine
    the concert became an annual fixture el concierto se convirtió en un acontecimiento anual
    • If those clubs are out of Europe by then it would be no surprise to see a hastily arranged tour of the Far East after Christmas to fill in the gaps in the fixture list.
    • I congratulate you on your excellent coverage of not only national events but also international fixtures such as F - 1 racing.
    • Why not arrange the fixture for a Wednesday at 7.30 pm and give everyone decent notice.
    • The spokesman said the number of international matches and Cup game fixtures had delayed the close of this year's league season.
    • Looking at the remaining fixture list, I've come up with a blueprint for survival and worked out where the points are going to come from.
    • His extra fitness will help him cope with the demands of the nearest rugby league gets to a fixture pile-up as they play twice more this week.
    • And he wants the Nationwide League to follow suit, even though clubs outside the top flight have a busier fixture list.
    • He bemoaned the way the 2003 fixtures had been arranged with the big clubs playing each other in the first five weeks, saying it would take away the mid-season excitement.
    • The midweek snow had a devastating effect on the fixture list.
    • He wrote to the leading clubs of the time putting forward a proposal that they should combine to arrange home and away fixtures each season - and thus the seeds of The Football League were sown.
    • It's another huge week of fixtures in the Championship.
    • They have scored four times in their three friendly fixtures.
    • Still, look a little further down the fixture list and one or two tricky tasks spring forth.
    • I cannot take the risk of relying on a player who has not displayed anything essential during the pre-season fixtures and the championship games in his club.
    • I wanted them to take an overall look at the fixture list and make some changes to help us.
    • He described the victory in the opening fixture of the group stage as a stepping stone for the season.
    • Premiership footballers complain of fatigue as early as October with their crammed fixture lists.
    • The fixture list of dates and times is posted in the clubhouse.
    • The dates for the said fixtures will be arranged for the end of June or early July.
    • July 16 was one of the first dates he circled on his calendar when this season's fixture list came out.