Translation of fizzy in Spanish:


gaseoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪzi//ˈfɪzi/

adjectivefizzier, fizziest

  • 1

    con gas
    fizzy water (with masculine article in the singular) agua mineral con gas feminine
    • Orange squash, fizzy drinks, beer etc were all produced in bottles made of glass.
    • If you've been drinking an excess of alcohol and fizzy drinks, your body will be thankful for some water.
    • I generally don't agree with the belief that you can drink fizzy wine with food, but I will make an exception for Lambrusco.
    • You should be aiming to drink two to three litres of water every day and reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks because these can be dehydrating.
    • Up to 348 million litres of fizzy drinks were sold in the year to May, an 11% rise on the previous year.
    • With regard drinks, I increased my water intake to about 2 or 3 litres a day and juices replaced fizzy drinks.
    • Children who consume fizzy drinks once a day or more are twice as likely to suffer tooth erosion than those who consume such drinks less than once a day.
    • The only choices for children were cheap fizzy pop or water.
    • Unlike the bubbles in your fizzy drink, though, each of these bubbles would carry on expanding, until all the fluid had gone and only bubbles remained.
    • The modern trend for drinking sweet tasting, exotically flavoured fizzy drinks with a very high alcohol content is not particularly new.
    • People choose to spend money on junk food, sweets and fizzy pops.
    • Avoid drinks at bedtime that increase urine production, including those containing caffeine, acidic juices and fizzy drinks.
    • There are plates of biscuits and bottles of fizzy drink and tea and coffee is also being served.
    • Carbonated alcoholic drinks, or spirits mixed with fizzy drinks can also affect how fast alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.
    • I'm the one eating dinner on his own with a notepad and a glass of fizzy water.
    • Huge chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, luscious cakes and tempting sweets are in every shop.
    • Take small sips of peppermint, ginger or camomile tea, or a fizzy drink like ginger ale (cold rice water is also effective).
    • Strain into fizzy drink bottles, making sure you screw the cap on tight.
    • The media is constantly beaming attractive advertisements about junk food and fizzy drinks, if not chocolates and ice cream.
    • Sweets, chocolate and fizzy drink machines are banned in the school.