Translation of flaky in Spanish:


hojaldrado, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈfleɪki//ˈfleɪki/

adjectiveflakiest, flakier

  • 1

    (piecrust) hojaldrado
    • With her flaky skin, bad teeth and straggly hair, she's almost unrecognisable.
    • The croissants are flaky and buttery (I think they're the best I've tried in Calgary) and the almond croissants are unbelievably decadent.
    • Blanketing a heartwarming stew with a flaky brown crust is a great idea.
    • Brown contact lenses create the glassy, belligerent stare; prosthetics conjure the flaky skin.
    • Soap tightens the skin, leaving you more prone to cuts and, post-shaving, flaky legs.
    • If it is flaky or peeling in more than any areas that have received obvious damage, (like water lifting on one spot on a top) you'll want to remove it.
    • Psoriasis usually appears as red or inflamed patches of skin which are covered in a silver or white scale (i.e. flaky skin).
    • Ringworm of the scalp may start as a small sore that resembles a pimple before becoming patchy, flaky, or scaly.
    • The pastry was light and flaky, and the insides were pleasant enough, if a little lacking in spice.
    • The flesh was moist and flaky, and the skin had a bit of a charcoal taste to it.
    • Light, flaky pastries made of tissue-thin dough with fruit and nut fillings.
    • Seborrheic dermatitis usually causes the skin to look a little greasy, and scaly or flaky.
    • There is a funny light and flaky snow this morning that reminds me of feathers - easy to dust off, but whimsical - I'll call it ‘boa snow’.
    • Psoriasis, a skin condition characterised by flaky, crusty patches topped with silvery scales, is most often found on the knees, elbows and scalp, areas that are difficult to hide when temperatures rise.
    • Korean rice is said to be ‘moist and stuck together’ while Chinese rice is ‘separated and flaky.’
    • Too much of everything - stress, sun, late nights and unhealthy food - takes its toll on your skin, making it look pasty, dull or flaky.
    • Mature plants, which often grow wider than they grow tall, develop a good framework of stems with flaky fawn bark.
    • Don't forget to try those mouth watering, flaky, pastry sausage rolls.
    • Dolphins have extremely soft, flaky skin which they shed every two hours.
  • 2US derogatory, slang

    • New ideas, even rather flaky ones, were treated hospitably.
    • Venture capitalists are taking lots of heat for making some big bets on some pretty flaky ideas.
    • She gleefully portrays the dual roles of Rose's flaky adoptive mother Claire and Rose's native godmother Maddie.
    • Secondly, it means that devices using these schemes will be just plain flaky.
    • You will need a web persona - something flaky and amusing.
    • Nothing worked, least of all the pressure on the general, who seemed to become ever more flaky as the crisis developed.
    • The free network connection is a little flaky, with the signal fading in and out.
    • But until you see it and hold it, it's merely a concept, a flaky idea, something that may happen.
    • ‘At the very best, he is unreliable; at worst, he is flaky and irrational’.
    • Perhaps flaky software with little protection against hackers was okay when personal computers were a hobby thing - but today they're the backbone of virtually every business and government on the planet.
    • Although the man is accused by some conservatives in Brazil of being flaky, in person it is his wisdom and humility that shine out.
    • Unfortunately the interface for copying music from my computer to the device was rubbish, the drivers and firmware were flaky, and I could never get it to run properly under Windows 2000.
    • It's worthwhile to consider the consequences of even the most flaky ideas, although the chance of any of them actually panning out in the long run is not very high.
    • When we see him doing weird and bizarre things - like tossing furniture from upstairs windows - it's natural to assume he's beyond eccentric and into the seriously flaky.
    • I get a new fuse to replace the flaky one tomorrow.
    • I was trapped with my flaky mother in a too-small car loaded with all of our worldly possessions, driving to a forsaken destination.
    • It was fortunate that the flaky software was a general update because it's likely that fewer people were affected by problems than might be the case with a patch.
    • The software is too flaky, and employees keep breaking the screens.
    • At the very best, he is unreliable; at worst, he is flaky and irrational.
    • As pent-up Paul is forced to work with flaky, fun-loving Becky to cover up evidence of their supposed indiscretion, and avoid her violent cop ex-boyfriend, he realizes who his true love is.
    • I seem to remember seeing an expert say that a paper trail could compensate for flaky machines, and that there are ways to make the machines significantly hack-proof.
    • The main drawback is its slightly flaky in-game camera feature, which does not always let you see the action from the best angles.