Translation of flaky pastry in Spanish:

flaky pastry

masa tipo hojaldre, n.


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    masa tipo hojaldre
    • My dad, a steak and kidney pie connoisseur, was impressed with his dish, which consisted of thick chunks of beef in a sea of gravy, covered with a layer of flaky pastry.
    • The chocolate butter tart is outstanding, with flaky pastry, a rich filling and lots of pecans.
    • I had to try one from several bakeries, since it's once of my favorite desserts: layers of flaky pastry baked with plenty of salted butter and sugar, until it's all dark, crisp, and caramelized.
    • Modern Banbury cakes are small and oval, made of light flaky pastry with a crisp top achieved by a powdering of sugar before baking.
    • There were rather nice samosas too, crisp flaky pastry stuffed with coarse-minced but tender lamb, potato cubes and peas.