Translation of flank in Spanish:


ijada, n.

Pronunciation /flæŋk//flaŋk/


  • 1

    (of animal) ijada feminine
    (of animal) ijar masculine
    (of person) costado masculine
    before noun flank steak malaya feminine Chile
  • 2literary

    (of hill)
    falda feminine
  • 3

    flanco masculine
  • 4

    flanco masculine
    (with masculine article in the singular) ala feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (be at either side of)
    • Robinson was flanked in the dock by two security officers during the 10-minute hearing.
    • But if it all gets too tranquil for your taste, you can always head back to the bright lights of Palma or the seaside resorts which flank it on both sides.
    • Every computer desk I've had until recently was flanked by bookshelves loaded with titles.
    • The fireplace is flanked by fitted floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.
    • Hulme, dressed in a striped pullover and jeans and Maguire who was wearing a bomber jacket and white t-shirt, were flanked in the dock by two police officers.
    • Central to the transformation was the creation of an inviting sitting area oriented toward a new gas fireplace flanked by tall bookshelves.
    • She was flanked on either side by detectives who have played a central role in the case.
    • There was a buffet beneath one window, and china closets flanked the fireplace where a fire crackled behind the fender.
    • The cabinets flanking the fireplace hold movies that are presented on the opposite wall by a laptop projector.
    • She smiled briefly at a court official as she was led into the 7ft long dock and was flanked by three female security officers.
    • Two black leather sofas flanked a low table in front of the receptionist, and Wendy chose one.
    • The living room features a 1924 original fireplace flanked by two vintage guitars, which Ty collects.
    • It is well lit by two large windows and has as its focal point a marble fireplace flanked by built-in shelving units.
    • This area has a neutral decor and includes a sash window to the front and a white marble fireplace which is flanked by deep alcoves.
    • Two closets flanking the fireplace were cleverly disguised as built-in china cabinets.
    • The focal point here is an attractive exposed brick fireplace with a solid fuel stove; this is flanked by wooden bookshelves and a fitted storage cupboard.
    • With his hands handcuffed behind his back, he was flanked in the dock by seven police officers wearing body armour and thick black gloves.
    • These days, he sits in the dock flanked by carts full of binders, which he frequently consults.
    • Seated in the dock, flanked by prison officers, he adopted his customary stance - shoulders slouched forward, head bowed.
    • On the far wall, between two circular portholes, was a red and gold fireplace, flanked by two armchairs.
  • 2

    • Suddenly, two Rebel batteries flanked the attacking Union troops and opened fire upon their exposed rear flank.
    • Corporal Bennett, flanking the enemy position, closed with and killed one enemy soldier with a knife.
    • Enemies duck, cover, flank your positions, and generally try to kill you as intensely as you try to kill them.
    • If he wants to attack, he will probably attempt a flanking maneuver.
    • Bussey's action contributed to L Company's success in Yechon by preventing a right rear flanking attack.
    • This left Herman to cover for any flanking attacks.
    • We sat around the kitchen table and planned out our strategy, various frontal attacks and flanking maneuvers we could make were considered.
    • They swept up from the main gallery on the great stairs, with a second prong up the middle west servants' stairs and a flanking attack through the dumbwaiter in the music library.
    • There were no breakouts, flanking attacks or sweeping maneuvers.
    • The 1st Armoured Division, headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, led the main flanking attack into Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War.
    • When intercepted radio traffic provided details of the German plans, CCA promptly attacked with flanking fires and destroyed an entire company.
    • His Legion was currently deployed along the right flank, slowly moving towards the enemy base in hopes of flanking their position.
    • ‘We should go in with a flanking wing formation,’ Captain Tanaka said.
    • He had drawn a sword of his own and came at her, while his companion maneuvered for a flanking attack on the slayer.
    • The risk, if those forces committed to the attack and lost, that the Rebels would flank and sweep the Union position was too great for McClellan to countenance.
    • Many warnings of a flanking attack were ignored at Hooker's headquarters - Lee was retreating.
    • A flanking attack on Antigonus' troops from Spartan light infantry stationed in the Oenus valley was thwarted by an aggressive cavalry attack led by the Achaean general Philopoemen.
    • The second fighter's attack you, Tice and his five-fighter squadron will flank from behind and intercept.
    • Supported by not very many Russians the Bulgarian volunteer detachment drove off dozens of frontal and flanking attacks by an enemy far superior in terms of manpower and equipment.
  • 3flanking present participle

    (fire/movement) de flanqueo