There are 2 main translations of flannel in Spanish

: flannel1flannel2


franela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflan(ə)l//ˈflænl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fabric)

      franela feminine
      (nightgown/shirt) (before noun) de franela
      • ‘You're probably not going to sell much heavy wool or heavy flannel fabric in south Texas,’ he said.
      • Consider earth tones of all kinds, and different kinds of fabrics like cotton flannel, faux leather, warm chenille, and luxurious velvet.
      • At night she wears lace and nylon bedclothes while the other girls wear flannel and cotton nightgowns.
      • Two hours and fifteen minutes into the game, upon the expiration of his seventh turn, Ted removed his glasses to wipe them slowly with the worn cotton of his flannel shirt.
      • From the drawers she pulled a soft flannel nightgown, with short, round, puffy sleeves and lace at the collars and hem.
      • If you don't yet have a turtleneck, wool flannel pants, dark jeans, and the hottest trend of the season, what are you waiting for?
      • Many parents prefer the cotton or flannel fabric because they are less expensive than silk sheets and are easier to clean.
      • Cotton flannel or jersey sheets are another healthy option because they're not treated with chemicals.
      • Soft cotton flannel is comfortable and long-lasting.
      • I am rather fond of the indigent look, myself, and am the proud owner of a modest collection of plaid flannel shirts.
      • Fabrics that will keep you warm for the season include: tweed, denim, wool flannel, knits, and crepe.
      • The same goes for pants; take advantage of winter fabrics like wool flannel to take winter to a new high and make the best of the colder weather.
      • I suggest using cotton flannel, fleece, or another thick fabric.
      • Opt for a simple wool (just make sure it's not itchy), cotton or flannel blanket, with or without prints.
      • Stay away from wearing your khaki chinos during the winter months; you're better off with wool or flannel pants.
      • And he did look good, in a pair of dark jeans and a soft green flannel shirt that brought out the green in his hazel eyes.
      • Today, he still favors the plaid flannel shirts of a woodsman.
      • A set of matching cotton, flannel, or silk pants and shirts are good selections.
      • These couldn't be better matched with jeans, chinos, and even wool flannel pants.
      • The bedclothes fell away to reveal a soft, flannel nightgown, and she wondered hastily where her evening gown was.

    • 1.2flannels plural(trousers)

      pantalón de franela masculine
      a pair of flannels unos pantalones de franela
      • It seems that he was never tortured by his homosexuality, and he had a curious fetish for grey flannels and corduroys.
      • They can be seen serving the guests dressed in white flannels, the same as cricketers wear.
      • British tennis has taken half a century to recover from men discarding their flannels and flashing a bit of leg.
      • Yesterday morning, young boys wearing school uniforms of grey flannels and white shirts snatched handbags off a number of women on their way to the day hospital.
      • It's tonnes of fun, dancing and drinking cheap beer to frenzied mandolin picking while one of the vets oversees, clad in grey flannels, blazer, beret, and a strip of medals.
      • Merely introducing colour would have been radical in a world populated by men who wore grey flannels and blazers.
      • ‘We were tweed jackets, grey flannels and shirt and tie chaps, but we were treated as violent revolutionaries,’ he said.
      • N.W.D. Yardley, captain of Yorkshire and England, played in flannels so cream that they were almost khaki.
      • You ought to see the photographs of me in my National Health spectacles, Harris Tweed jacket and grey flannels.
      • For youngsters gathered in white flannels, it was a great opportunity to see their latest batting hero at close quarters.
      • So go crazy this fall because flannels, corduroys and tweeds are making a huge comeback.
      • Thirty years earlier, as a small boy in unflattering grey flannels, I stood and craned my neck to gawp at a model of the largest creature on earth, suspended from the ceiling of London's Natural History Museum.
      • He wore pale flannels, a blue T-shirt with a button-up neck (quite similar to the one I was wearing) and a pair of flashy sunglasses.
      • I was wearing gray flannels, a blue blazer, white shirt and a red-and-yellow-striped bow tie that, yes, I tie myself.
      • Around the harbour wall, foppish types in flannels and boaters sat with their lady companions on picnic rugs, applauding gently.
      • Worn with a shirt in solid or pastel, or light stripes or checks and a subdued tie, this can go with flat front trousers or flannels.
      • Multicolored and solid flannels, cottons and jerseys from pajamas, socks, old shirts, skirts and so forth were collected in each homeroom.
      • Of course the flannels have been replaced by more casual wear but this colonial legacy, cricket, like the English language, is here to stay.
      • ‘At that Lord's Test in 1950 we were told to change into our clean flannels as we were to be presented to the King,’ he said.
      • However, on the other hand most people will know that dress sense demands: With grey flannels and blazer one wears black shoes and not brown.

  • 2face flannel

    (para lavarse) toallita feminine
    manopla feminine
  • 3British informal

    (evasive talk)
    cuentos masculine
    he gave me the usual flannel me salió con los cuentos de siempre informal

There are 2 main translations of flannel in Spanish

: flannel1flannel2


meter paja, v.

intransitive verbflannelling, flannelled


  • 1

    meter paja informal
    payar River Plate informal
    chamullar Chile informal
    • But we are also keen to get an accurate timing and if I flanneled or forgot stuff this was going to make this very difficult.
    • Milroy struggled a little with the time-honoured art of flannelling on live-to-camera while nothing much was happening: ‘Julian?’
    • His interrogators could see that voting reform for councils is going to be necessary to keep his coalition together, but on such an important matter, he flannelled, failing to find a clear position.
    • If he expects people ultimately to respect his judgment, he had better stop trying to flannel at every opportunity.
    • He apologised for the situation and then flannelled on about ramping up production, being victims of their own success, and how they could manage the problem.
    • You're listening to Radio National and Background Briefing, where we're attempting to tease out the truth from the fiction, the snow from the grit, the flannelling from the facts in politics.
    • Really I'm not saying this to flatter or flannel - this is absolutely unique.
    • Whilst my skills at flannelling are world famous, even I can get a bit flustered sometimes.
    • She tried to flannel her way out of it, but it just seemed worse.
    • Susan Kramer, Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Richmond Park, said: ‘Residents are fed up with flannelling.’