Translation of flap in Spanish:


tapa, n.

Pronunciation: /flap//flæp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(cover)

      tapa feminine
      (of pocket, envelope, dust jacket) solapa feminine
      (of table) hoja feminine
      (of jacket, coat) faldón masculine
      (of tent) portezuela feminine
      ear flap orejera feminine
      • a cat flap una gatera
      • Caroline had moved to where his tent stood open, the flaps pinned back to allow easy entrance.
      • They are all instant communications that are far less bother than putting pen to paper, finding an envelope, licking the flap, sticking on a stamp and popping it in a post box.
      • There was the lilac coloured dress which rested at my ankles and had all these weird flaps of cloth everywhere.
      • In a centered closure, the zipper is concealed by two flaps of cloth running along either side.
      • Through the metal flaps in the vent I could see that it wasn't the police, but it was the F.B.I. instead.
      • He nodded to Hazel and she left, watching Katrina until the flaps of the tent covered her face.
      • He went inside and opened the flap on the keypad for the security alarm.
      • Turin opened the entrance flap and allowed her to walk in first.
      • She shoved the supplies at him and pointed at the tent flap.
      • The neck is covered by flaps attached to the vest.
      • He answered the call and pulled the tent flap to one side.
      • She threw off her covers and ran to the tent flaps.
      • I pick up my book bag, a black and red mailman style bag, the front flap completely covered in band pins and buttons.
      • Vents are the flaps of cloth below the waist, at the back.
      • The cloth flaps were open, invitingly, yet forebodingly, as well.
      • It was a very large room, looking like a gym only a bit smaller, and there were several holes in the side of the wall that were covered up by metal flaps which looked like they could be opened.
      • He flipped back a flap of the cloth and a crying baby's face was revealed to his sight.
      • This was a narrow oblong table with a single broad hinged flap.
      • To maintain secrecy, the return ballot paper envelope had a detachable flap on which the voter filled in their details.
      • The dog-eared flap of cardboard hung on the fence post, stained by a lengthy exposure to the elements.

    • 1.2Aviation

      alerón masculine
      • The ailerons, flaps, and speed brakes are back on the aircraft.
      • The wing and the center section flaps were interconnected and operated together.
      • He reduced power, lowered his flaps and readied the aircraft to land.
      • I finally got things under control, raised the flaps, leveled off at 10,000 feet.
      • The left wing is now finished as are the flaps and ailerons while the wing tips are nearing completion.
      • New flaps and ailerons were built and installed.
      • The problem, he said, had been traced to an actuator - a device that drives flaps and other aircraft control surfaces.
      • The missile launcher and the trailing edges of the flaps and aileron took most of the damage.
      • Another consideration is to minimize the drag devices: the landing gear, the flaps and the windmilling propeller.
      • The wing was also equipped with flaps which lowered the landing speed down to 50-60 mph.
      • Maybe they noted that pilots had problems maintaining control of the aircraft in some way while retracting the flaps after taking off.
      • Retract flaps and the landing gear to prevent ice accumulation on them.
      • Agglomerations of wings and cowling, flaps, rudders and fuselage rise dramatically from narrow steel legs.
      • Though the checklist might not say it, open your aircraft's cowl flaps on short final.
      • The aircraft also have composite ailerons, spoilers, flaps, vertical tail skin and horizontal tail skin, but they have aluminum wings.
      • At the pilot's command, retract the landing gear and raise the wing flaps.
      • An aeroplane requires a set of wings for lift, wing flaps and rear rudder for control and engines for propulsion.
      • Initial drawings showed an aircraft with a tightly cowled radial engine, streamlined fuselage, retractable landing gear and flaps.
      • The landing gear and wing flaps were retracted.
      • Pilots need a complex endorsement to fly airplanes with retractable gear, flaps and a constant-speed propeller.

  • 2

    aletazo masculine
    the eagle flew off with a flap of its wings el águila echó a volar dando un aletazo
    • the flap of the sails in the wind el batir / el golpeteo de las velas con el viento
  • 3informal

    (commotion, agitation)
    to be in/get into a flap estar/ponerse como loco informal
    • there's a big flap (on) at the office se ha armado tremendo lío en la oficina
  • 4

    flap masculine

    el sonido como el de la r española en "pera"

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (sail/curtain) agitarse
    (sail/curtain) sacudirse
    (flag) ondear
    (flag) agitarse
    (door/window/shutter) dar golpes
    (shutter/door/window) golpearse Latin America
    the bird flapped off el pájaro echó a volar batiendo las alas
    • her ears were flapping tenía las antenas conectadas
  • 2Britishinformal

    ponerse como loco informal
    don't flap! ¡tranquila, mujer!

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wings) batir
    (arms) agitar
  • 2

    a flapped r una r simple como la de la r española en "pera"