Translation of flapjack in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈflæpˌdʒæk//ˈflapdʒak/


  • 1US

    crepe o panqueque más pequeño y grueso que los habituales
    • She's probably got the table set and the flapjacks and bacon and eggs ready to go on the table.
    • Rather, they'll be gobbling down flapjacks at a new International House of Pancakes.
    • I guess flapjacks are patriotic enough to start the day, because today I'm celebrating being an American.
    • The fare was simple, nothing more than gruel and sometimes flapjacks, but it was filling.
    • She didn't even hesitate to wait before she began dumping the syrup I had left out on her stack of flapjacks.
    • In the morning, I'll have bacon and flapjacks, take a short hike with my camera and then wake from the dream.
    • Perhaps, after coffee and some flapjacks inside them, they would feel much better.
    • The ad points that out, then claims he carves his own bats and eats hundreds of flapjacks for breakfasts.
    • No sooner had she entered the kitchen then she returned with a tray full of steaming bowls of hot cereal with maple sugar, flapjacks, waffles, eggs and milk.
    • Just as some foods will help you zonk out, others will make you flip like a flapjack all night.
    • In the middle of all this was a large chuck wagon already cooking up eggs, sausage, flapjacks and plenty of hot coffee.
    • A rusty, dismantled bicycle lay mute in another; the wheels were bent out of shape, and the tires were flatter than flapjacks.
    • Glumly, Hoss pushed a piece of breakfast sausage around his plate, sopping up the excess maple syrup that had puddled over from his flapjacks.
    • Paige laughed as Dean held the charcoal looking flapjack in his hand.
    • Tony always did make the best flapjacks this side of the Rio Grande.
    • It is a must for anyone who loves pancakes or flapjacks as they call them.
    • She removed several flapjacks from the center without disturbing the stack.
    • When not making flapjacks, Nuku Nuku switches into tactical mode and mows down robots in the streets of Tokyo.
    • It was Johnny who would smother his waffles, or flapjacks, in butter and maple syrup.
    • The Mandarin-duck pancakes, a Sunday special, are hardly worth the effort: They're just more crispy duck with thin flapjacks.
  • 2British

    tipo de galleta dulce de avena
    • Make a batch of flapjacks on Sunday and wrap them individually so they last all week.
    • And for people who never have time to catch a good filling meal I am led to believe we may even have flapjacks for sale.
    • Cakes and gateaux ranged from flapjack to fresh apple pie.
    • Among the tasty treats to make the menu were high fibre flapjacks, smoothies, raspberry and blackcurrant muffins and fresh berry tarts.
    • And with fairy cakes, flapjacks, fruit loaves and flans, the cookery categories offered a mouth-watering selection.
    • After a quick stop for lunch rounded off by Carol's home-made flapjacks (a meal in themselves), we spent the remainder of the afternoon walking in the forest.
    • He turned to go, then added, ‘and don't touch my flapjack!’
    • Mary and Chris served tea and a selection of home made flapjack and buns.
    • The menu mentioned toasted teacakes, scones, doughnuts, Danish pastries and flapjack.
    • As a treat, you can put in a slice of a wholesome flapjack, a cheese scone or date slice.
    • A toasted teacake, scone or flapjack was an option.
    • I make a flapjack that is naturally sweet so he could feed his cravings.
    • Gingerbread and flapjacks had just emerged, treacle scones were about to go in.
    • She's, as promised, buying me flapjacks and coffee.
    • After our exertions, we decided to head for the restaurant for a hot drink and flapjacks before heading for home.
    • In fact, I'm now wanting fruit where I used to want chocolate and flapjacks.
    • They are also a welcome addition to carrot cakes, fruit loaves, flapjacks and savoury grains like couscous.
    • Heck, back when I was a kid coffee shops were places you could get flapjacks in.
    • There are nicely-iced fruit cakes, scones, flapjacks and other mouthwatering delicacies.
    • A friend came round for dinner and arrived clutching a batch of freshly made - if a little burnt - flapjacks.