Translation of flash in Spanish:


destello, n.

Pronunciation /flaʃ//flæʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of light)

      destello masculine
      (from gun, explosion) fogonazo masculine
      a flash of lightning un relámpago
      • the flash of her diamond ring el brillo / los destellos de su anillo de brillantes
      • a flash in the pan flor de un día
      • his success turned out to be a flash in the pan su éxito resultó ser flor de un día
      • (as) quick as a flash como un rayo
      • in a flash
      • it came to me in a flash se me ocurrió de repente
      • it was all over in a flash todo pasó en un momento / en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
      • I'll be back/I was out in a flash vuelvo/salí volando
      • Large flashes of light occasionally burst forth from the opening of a cave leading into the opposing mountain range.
      • Occasionally she fancied she could see a sudden bright flash that might be a laser cannon glinting off a rock.
      • There was a sudden flash of white light and a jagged bolt came down from the night time sky.
      • At this a loud crash was heard behind them followed by a bright flash of lightning, lighting up the forest briefly.
      • She turned when she heard the throng of girls scream and giggle and was almost blinded by camera flashes.
      • Many drivers, who did not know the road and could not see the camera, were shocked when they suddenly saw a flash in their rear view mirror - and realised they had been caught.
      • There was a sudden flash that lit up the entire sky, changing the night to day for an instant.
      • As she was strolling down the final row, a sudden flash of bright light caught her attention.
      • I saw the bright flash as it burst and another little cloud of smoke appeared.
      • As the light of day slowly dimmed, the world was lit by the angry flashes of lightning which crackled across the sky.
      • A flash of lightning lit her room followed by another thunderclap.
      • Camera flashes went off as the scene was investigated, causing her to squint.
      • Again lightning cracked, illuminating the room in a bright flash of light.
      • A loud clap of thunder sounded overhead, followed immediately by a flash of lightning that lit up the entire night sky.
      • The bright flashes of light flickered against Nick's hopeless face.
      • A bolt of lightning descended from the heavens in a blinding flash of yellow light accompanied by the rumble seconds later.
      • Thunder growled, and I saw a brief flash of lightning far away.
      • Camera flashes illuminate the speaker as she concludes her two-hour address to a thunderous standing ovation.
      • Suddenly, a brilliant flash split the night sky in front of him.
      • The landscape was dark, occasionally lit up with a flash of lightning.

    • 1.2(burst)

      a flash of inspiration un ramalazo de inspiración
      • a flash of hope un rayo de esperanza
      • a flash of understanding un fugaz momento de comprensión

    • 1.3Photography

      flash masculine
      with built-in flash con flash integral
      • The settings of the camera and flashes were always identical, and thus all photographs received a standard light exposure.
      • The phone also is equipped with a camera featuring an attachable flash.
      • The flash is too close to the lens and it has been capturing orbs of light, dust or moisture in the air.
      • He finds Gilbert, and they spot Keaton, who is using the flash on her digital camera as a flashlight.
      • For some reason known only to him, he was photographing with the neon light inside the restaurant as the source, rather than his on-camera flash.
      • Pulling out her camera and attaching the flash, she climbs out of the car and moves past the barricade.
      • If you are unable to completely turn the flash off on your camera you won't be able to achieve the look that you want.

  • 2news flash

    avance informativo masculine
    flash masculine
  • 3

    • 3.1(marking on horse)

      mancha feminine
      • Colours are orchestrated in dark tones, such as sable, olive and black accented with flashes of ultramarine.
      • Soft pastels, worn underneath jackets or blazers, will be popular, along with cream, and teamed with flashes of bright colour.
      • The glints of orange fish scales and the gleam of a metallic beetle are some of the few flashes of colour in a predominantly monochromatic palette.
      • The strategic placement of bold panels of colour allows unexpected flashes throughout the hair, dramatizing the movement and lines of each cut and style.
      • This is a simply conceived space depending for drama on immense expanses of pale stone and flashes of brilliant colour.
      • Fill another sprayer with undiluted stain of the same color and spray in patches and flashes immediately as the first layer is being sprayed.
      • Shot in black and white with dramatic and significant flashes of colour it's three stories rolled into one.
      • The latest handbags feature luxury looks and bejewelled gold chains with flashes of hot colours in materials like snakeskin.
      • Soon Kyrithin spotted a bright flash of red material through the rubble and they both ran over.
      • With their silvery outlines and flashes of colour, the drawings have a sublime grandeur.

    • 3.2British Military

      distintivo masculine
      • He recognised the flashes on the uniform of the young soldier standing beside him. They indicated service in Cyprus.
      • Later on that year the cloth patch was replaced by a black flash and a solid gold metal Winged Dagger emblem on top of it.
      • The battle dress jacket is brown with an open neck and shoulder flashes on each arm.
      • I ended up buying the kilt itself, a black leather sporran, some black hose, and black flashes.

transitive verb

  • 1

    they flashed a light in my face me enfocaron la cara con una luz
    • he flashed his torch around the room recorrió la habitación con la linterna
    • he used his mirror to flash a signal/message to the ship con el espejo le hizo una señal/mandó un mensaje al barco
    • to flash one's headlights at sb hacerle una señal con los faros a algn
    • the car behind was flashing me el coche de atrás me estaba haciendo señales con los faros
    • to flash sb a smile sonreírle a algn
    • she flashed him a look of contempt le lanzó una mirada de desprecio
  • 2

    (communicate quickly)
    (communiqué/report/news) transmitir rápidamente
    a message was flashed on the television screen apareció un mensaje en pantalla
  • 3

    (show, display)
    (money/wallet/card) mostrar
    (wallet/card/money) enseñar Spain
    she loves flashing her money around le encanta ir por ahí exhibiendo su dinero / haciendo ostentación de su dinero
  • 4slang

    (expose onself to)
    a man flashed her in the park un hombre se le exhibió en el parque

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (emit sudden light)
    (light/star/metal/gem) destellar
    (gem/metal/star/light) brillar
    the lightning flashed hubo un relámpago
    • her eyes flashed like fire los ojos le relampagueaban / centelleaban
  • 2

    Motor Vehicles
    hacer una señal con los faros
  • 3flashing pres p

    (sign/light) intermitente
    (sign/light) que se enciende y se apaga
    (smile/eyes) brillante
  • 4slang

    (expose oneself)
    exhibirse en público
  • 5

    (move fast)
    a message flashed across the screen un mensaje apareció fugazmente en la pantalla
    • it flashed through my mind that ... se me ocurrió de repente que ...
    • my life flashed before me reviví toda mi vida en un instante
    • to flash by / past pasar como una bala / un rayo / un bólido
    • to flash by volar


  • 1

    (fire/storm) repentino
  • 2

    (very rapid)
    (freezing/drying) rápido
    flash-fry steak bistec delgado para freír vuelta y vuelta
  • 3Britishinformal

    fardón Spain informal