Translation of flash in Spanish:


destello, n.

Pronunciation /flaʃ//flæʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of light)

      destello masculine
      (from gun, explosion) fogonazo masculine
      a flash of lightning un relámpago
      • the flash of her diamond ring el brillo / los destellos de su anillo de brillantes
      • A loud clap of thunder sounded overhead, followed immediately by a flash of lightning that lit up the entire night sky.
      • Large flashes of light occasionally burst forth from the opening of a cave leading into the opposing mountain range.
      • As she was strolling down the final row, a sudden flash of bright light caught her attention.
      • A bolt of lightning descended from the heavens in a blinding flash of yellow light accompanied by the rumble seconds later.
      • The bright flashes of light flickered against Nick's hopeless face.
      • As the light of day slowly dimmed, the world was lit by the angry flashes of lightning which crackled across the sky.
      • There was a sudden flash of white light and a jagged bolt came down from the night time sky.
      • Suddenly, a brilliant flash split the night sky in front of him.
      • Many drivers, who did not know the road and could not see the camera, were shocked when they suddenly saw a flash in their rear view mirror - and realised they had been caught.
      • I saw the bright flash as it burst and another little cloud of smoke appeared.
      • Thunder growled, and I saw a brief flash of lightning far away.
      • Camera flashes illuminate the speaker as she concludes her two-hour address to a thunderous standing ovation.
      • The landscape was dark, occasionally lit up with a flash of lightning.
      • She turned when she heard the throng of girls scream and giggle and was almost blinded by camera flashes.
      • At this a loud crash was heard behind them followed by a bright flash of lightning, lighting up the forest briefly.
      • Occasionally she fancied she could see a sudden bright flash that might be a laser cannon glinting off a rock.
      • A flash of lightning lit her room followed by another thunderclap.
      • Camera flashes went off as the scene was investigated, causing her to squint.
      • Again lightning cracked, illuminating the room in a bright flash of light.
      • There was a sudden flash that lit up the entire sky, changing the night to day for an instant.

    • 1.2(burst)

      a flash of inspiration un ramalazo de inspiración
      • a flash of hope un rayo de esperanza
      • a flash of understanding un fugaz momento de comprensión

    • 1.3Photography

      flash masculine
      with built-in flash con flash integral
      • Pulling out her camera and attaching the flash, she climbs out of the car and moves past the barricade.
      • The flash is too close to the lens and it has been capturing orbs of light, dust or moisture in the air.
      • The phone also is equipped with a camera featuring an attachable flash.
      • For some reason known only to him, he was photographing with the neon light inside the restaurant as the source, rather than his on-camera flash.
      • If you are unable to completely turn the flash off on your camera you won't be able to achieve the look that you want.
      • The settings of the camera and flashes were always identical, and thus all photographs received a standard light exposure.
      • He finds Gilbert, and they spot Keaton, who is using the flash on her digital camera as a flashlight.

  • 2

    avance informativo masculine
    flash masculine
  • 3

    • 3.1(marking on horse)

      mancha feminine
      • Soft pastels, worn underneath jackets or blazers, will be popular, along with cream, and teamed with flashes of bright colour.
      • The strategic placement of bold panels of colour allows unexpected flashes throughout the hair, dramatizing the movement and lines of each cut and style.
      • The glints of orange fish scales and the gleam of a metallic beetle are some of the few flashes of colour in a predominantly monochromatic palette.
      • With their silvery outlines and flashes of colour, the drawings have a sublime grandeur.
      • Shot in black and white with dramatic and significant flashes of colour it's three stories rolled into one.
      • Soon Kyrithin spotted a bright flash of red material through the rubble and they both ran over.
      • The latest handbags feature luxury looks and bejewelled gold chains with flashes of hot colours in materials like snakeskin.
      • This is a simply conceived space depending for drama on immense expanses of pale stone and flashes of brilliant colour.
      • Colours are orchestrated in dark tones, such as sable, olive and black accented with flashes of ultramarine.
      • Fill another sprayer with undiluted stain of the same color and spray in patches and flashes immediately as the first layer is being sprayed.

    • 3.2British Military

      distintivo masculine
      • I ended up buying the kilt itself, a black leather sporran, some black hose, and black flashes.
      • The battle dress jacket is brown with an open neck and shoulder flashes on each arm.
      • He recognised the flashes on the uniform of the young soldier standing beside him. They indicated service in Cyprus.
      • Later on that year the cloth patch was replaced by a black flash and a solid gold metal Winged Dagger emblem on top of it.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(direct)

      they flashed a light in my face me enfocaron la cara con una luz
      • he flashed his torch around the room recorrió la habitación con la linterna
      • he used his mirror to flash a signal/message to the ship con el espejo le hizo una señal/mandó un mensaje al barco
      • to flash one's headlights at sb hacerle una señal con los faros a algn
      • the car behind was flashing me el coche de atrás me estaba haciendo señales con los faros
      • to flash sb a smile sonreírle a algn
      • she flashed him a look of contempt le lanzó una mirada de desprecio

    • 1.2(communicate quickly)

      (news/report/communiqué) transmitir rápidamente
      a message was flashed on the television screen apareció un mensaje en pantalla
      • The quote was diligently flashed around the world by wire agencies, including the Press Association.
      • This nonchalance is understandable: pictures of his pub are flashed around the world's televisions every time the river breaks its banks.
      • The system has the potential to allow vast amounts of information to be flashed across town and city rooftops in total security and without the need to dig up roads for laying cables.
      • This era is also made unique by the speed with which sporting feats are flashed around the world.
      • Ninety years ago, there were no television pictures, radio broadcasts or Internet bulletins to flash the news around the globe in an instant.
      • This news had earlier been flashed to the world via the BBC website.
      • TV footage and stills of that scene were flashed around the world.
      • However, the whole incident was flashed around to other bases, telling everyone to behave themselves.
      • With the spread of the Internet, news and events are flashed all over the word in an instant.
      • Images of the shooting - videotaped by TV crews covering the march - were flashed around the world.

  • 2

    • 2.1(show, display)

      (wallet/money/card) mostrar
      (money/wallet/card) enseñar Spain
      she loves flashing her money around le encanta ir por ahí exhibiendo su dinero / haciendo ostentación de su dinero
      • Despite a luxury lifestyle, he keeps his private life private and doesn't flash his wealth around.
      • Just then another passenger rose from his seat and flashed a small plastic card at the warring parties.
      • You should take their money if they are flashing it round.
      • Don't flash your money, don't cut through alleys, dress in layers.
      • They are loud, leery and loaded, and come Friday night you'll find them boozing down the pub flashing the latest designer gear.
      • Despite living in a homeless shelter, he flashed wads of cash and frequently took airplane trips on purported business.
      • After flashing my driver's license, I took Adrienne to baggage claim.
      • It is never safe to flash wads of cash or walk around drunk in the middle of the night, whether in Sweden or Sierra Leone.
      • They hate to see somebody flashing the money around like that.
      • Lucky for you teens, Jessica hasn't been flashing any particularly noticeable jewelry on her fingers.
      • Jonathan flashed his ID, and the guards motioned the car through.
      • He had a habit of flashing the wads of cash his benevolent son sent home to him.
      • Ralphie responded quickly as he flashed them his press card.
      • I flashed my passport and was easily admitted.
      • Undercover officers posing as tourists flashed their expensive mobile phones as bait, waiting for the gang to strike.

    • 2.2slang (expose onself to)

      a man flashed her in the park un hombre se le exhibió en el parque
      • He allegedly flashed at a girl of 14 then fled.
      • A bit later she was waving at me, and when I glanced over she flashed me again - and she'd taken her bra off!
      • A mother has warned other residents to be on their guard after a man flashed her 12-year-old daughter.
      • Believing a man had flashed at his girlfriend, he drove at him, jamming him against a wall.
      • So for fun, we ran around campus in nothing but trench coats flashing people.
      • The man flashed her after he told her he needed help finding clothes for a party.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(emit sudden light)

      (gem/light/star/metal) destellar
      (star/metal/gem/light) brillar
      the lightning flashed hubo un relámpago
      • her eyes flashed like fire los ojos le relampagueaban / centelleaban
      • I loved being there away from the fans and flashing cameras.
      • It was already crowded and pumping with Latin dance music, the bright lights flashing across the entire room.
      • A white light flashed briefly before my eyes, and there were no other words to be said.
      • Squad cars with flashing lights move in slow arcs through the clinic parking lot.
      • A sudden burst of bright green light flashed behind the tree.
      • There were red and blue lights flashing over the house.
      • Immediately after stowing our goggles, a blinding bright light flashed in front of my windscreen.
      • Bright light flashed across our eyes as fire blew up everywhere.
      • Then she saw them dancing, red and blue lights flashing over the hardwood gym floor, her head on his shoulder.
      • Without warning, to his left, a bright light flashed at the edge of the woods, about thirty meters away.
      • A distress beacon flashes over the snow-covered surroundings.
      • Just as I started to dial, I noticed the red light flashing on the handset signaling I had a phone message.
      • No fewer than nine police cars with flashing lights drove up, accompanied by a dozen, pistol - packing gorillas.
      • A shriek echoed around the hill as bright lights began to flash under the tree.
      • He squinted his eyes as cameras flashed in front of him.
      • I looked up at the bright green neon sign flashing on and off, ‘Club Divine’ it read.
      • She began to take a step off the ledge, but bright light flashed before her eyes.
      • Bright lights flashed in an array of colors, advertising everything from vehicles to burlesque houses.
      • The ship whisked into the night's sky, its bright lights flashing.
      • A bright light flashed and everything went silent.

    • 1.2Motor Vehicles

      hacer una señal con los faros
      • The car was flashing its lights and sounding the horn.
      • He says he was driving his van towards the city centre when a car behind him started flashing its lights at him.
      • He could already hear the sounds of patrolmen, calling out over the stretch of nothingness, flashing their lights every which way.
      • I have repeatedly had cars flashing their lights at me or hooting their horns and giving very rude gestures.
      • Mark turned and flashed the light to where Tina was standing.
      • He flashed his light over it, and tried to make out what it was, but it was very old and torn.
      • A lorry driver stopped at Frankley Services after a car flashed its lights at him.
      • Cars and lorries were flashing their lights and beeping at me.
      • We have had cars flash their lights and in the case of one van driver, sound his horn just because we were keeping within the speed limit.
      • The car behind me started flashing its lights, and turned on its siren.
      • The driver was alerted to on-coming cars flashing their lights at him.
      • The police car flashed his lights briefly at a car that touched 90 or so, but that was about it.
      • Jack flashed the light down the tunnel and noticed that it curved too much to look all the way down it.
      • Motorists could also draw attention to themselves by flashing their lights or sounding their horn to make people aware they are in difficulty.
      • The Italians report when the vehicle was 33 feet away, a warning light was flashed, giving little time for them to react.
      • The panel began to flash a pulsing red light like the beat of a heart, and a loud alarm began sounding through out the building and the surrounding outdoors.
      • Jak flashed the light around to see what was surrounding.
      • I drove on to the shrubs in the centre and flashed my hazard warning lights.
      • When she reversed into a parking space opposite the church, another car flashed its lights at her.
      • She gently opened the door and flashed her light to see what lay ahead of her.

    • 1.3flashing present participle

      (light/sign) intermitente
      (sign/light) que se enciende y se apaga
      (eyes/smile) brillante
      • His eyes flashed with anger and he grabbed Willis' wrist and twisted it behind his back.
      • Darcy's face paled and her green eyes flashed with restrained emotion.
      • ‘Get the hell away from me Corey - right now’ Hailey said, her eyes flashing with anger.
      • Grace's eyes flashed, anger twisting her features into a snarl, ‘so he wants to play that way does he?’
      • ‘Jordan isn't going to make me miserable,’ Faith argued, her eyes flashing with anger.
      • His eyes were flashing with anger and his mouth was covered in blood.
      • His eyes were flashing with anger, but they softened.
      • Alan drew his shotgun, his eyes flashing with anger as he charged back towards the door to the stairway.
      • My mother replied in a low voice through gritted teeth, her honey brown eyes flashing with anger.
      • She whirled on him, her brown eyes flashing with anger.
      • Jason's eyes flashed with anger, and I began to shrink inside myself.
      • The crying woman's head jerked up, eyes flashing in momentary anger at my tone of voice.
      • For a second I thought he was going to hit me, his eyes were flashing with anger and impatience.
      • His eyes were flashing from humiliation, anger and probably pain.
      • His eyes flashed with anger for a moment, making Gwen step back unconsciously.
      • Her head was up again and her eyes were flashing with anger.
      • Her brow furrowed in confusion, but then her eyes flashed with anger again.
      • When his eyes located her, cuddled into Adam's lap, Joe flew into a rage, his green eyes flashing in anger at his brother.
      • ‘You had no right to stare at me as you did, sir,’ she said bitterly, her eyes flashing in anger.
      • His eyes flashed with anger behind his round gold framed glasses.

  • 2slang

    (expose oneself)
    exhibirse en público
  • 3

    (move fast)
    a message flashed across the screen un mensaje apareció fugazmente en la pantalla
    • it flashed through my mind that … se me ocurrió de repente que …
    • my life flashed before me reviví toda mi vida en un instante
    • to flash by / past pasar como una bala / un rayo / un bólido
    • to flash by pasar volando
    • She turned her attention to the scenery flashing past her.
    • Michael was so wrapped up in not letting her see the pain in his eyes that he didn't notice the pain that flashed quickly across her own features at his words.
    • The goalkeeper didn't even move as the ball flashed past him, sending ripples down the back of the net.
    • For a moment, anger flashes across his face as he addresses this accusation.
    • The altimeter was counting down, the final couple of hundred feet flashing by too quickly.
    • A look of amused surprise flashes over his face.
    • Thinking that he had angered me into an outburst, surprise flashed over his face at my abrupt change in attitude, before being quickly replaced with a cool, calm look.
    • Not even the beautiful scenery flashing past the windows of the truck could distract his thoughts.
    • As they step inside a look of realization flashes over Jason's face.
    • Within seconds of weighing up the overtaking space, the scenery is flashing past you at incredible speed.
    • The pedestrian light is red, the cars are flashing past.
    • The time flashed by so quickly for the rest of the trip.
    • There are the cool dudes flashing along the byways as if they were racing in the Tour de France.
    • They flashed quickly past Marcy, and she had taken them in and interpreted them without knowing it.
    • Eventually, I became aware that the streetlights were not flashing by as quickly as they had been.
    • But anger flashed across her face when the cellular phone in her pocket rang.
    • As the van was speeding down the street, lamps overhanging above us flashed by quickly.
    • For an instant, sheer terror flashed across Lady Alison's face, then she composed herself and turned.
    • A wince of pain flashing over her pale, clammy features told me she was slowly remembering.
    • Karl asked, a confused look flashing over his face again.


  • 1

    • 1.1(sudden)

      (fire/storm) repentino

    • 1.2(very rapid)

      (drying/freezing) rápido
      flash-fry steak bistec delgado para freír vuelta y vuelta

  • 2British informal

    fardón Spain informal
    • But I have been aware of a lot of flash cars which kept racing up and down here.
    • They're stylish but not too flash, and practical too!
    • She had a big flash house, probably a big flash car and loads of money in the bank.
    • Nicky Cole is a flash geezer from the South, but Yates is a flash geezer from the North.
    • But the plan backfired when the driver couldn't get the flash car to start as they left the restaurant - leaving the couple at the mercy of the paparazzi.
    • He drives a flash sports car, has three tattoos and dyes his hair.
    • I'd always known that Mark was a bit of flash git.
    • Money brings status and we want to take away the flash car a drug dealer is driving and show them they are not untouchable.
    • It is poor stewardship that causes a man to wear expensive watches, sport designer bags, and flash diamond rings, but then fail to pay child support.
    • Perhaps it's the flash git image he exudes as he turns up at yet another film premiere with a beautiful blonde on his arm.
    • You want to be one of the young star businessmen and have all the trappings of that - flash cars, flash girls and a flash life.
    • He drives a top of the range Mercedes but has not indulged himself with a fleet of the sort of flash cars favoured by some in the football world.
    • He does not drive a mega sports car, or lead a flash lifestyle.
    • They are big brash symbols of conspicuous consumption, a way for flash men and women with a lot of cash to flaunt their wealth.
    • Every so often a flash car drives towards the factory.
    • You leave a small tip and your companion thinks you're a cheapskate; a large one and she thinks you're a flash git.
    • This means that in a high-consumption society such as ours, when I buy a flash car or suit, I throw down the gauntlet to others to do likewise.
    • Away from flash boats and cars, the other magnetic attraction of Monte Carlo is gambling.
    • I parked my grungy old delivery van among the rows and rows of flash cars and crept up to the house.
    • She needs to put things in perspective and ask herself if it really matters that he doesn't own a flash car or that he wears awful shoes.
    • And one could go on and on recounting what flash tourist consultants have thought up as wizard, rabbits-out-of-hats schemes to bring in the visitors.
    • It was a flash crowd, and soon our roofless concrete barn was packed with wet bodies, dancing under sheets of hard rain and the intermittent flashes of lightning.
    • The flash car finally pulled up at a very large house with lots of trees and flowers beautifully landscaped.
    • It is simply the case that in this world of convenience, flash holidays and big cars, working the land has lost its appeal.
    • They don't own flash cars or houses but they do take an active interest in managing their money.
    • If you have 22 grand burning a hole in your pocket you could use your loot to buy a flash sports car or head off on a round-the-world trip.
    • I know it's a bit of a cliché, but a recent survey has revealed that men apparently believe that flash cars attract women.