Translation of flashgun in Spanish:


flash electrónico, n.


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    flash electrónico masculine
    • Many thanks must go everyone (especially Sam) for the countless times they have endured my faffing around setting up flashguns.
    • I make 30 exposures, my flashguns lighting up the fray, a turmoil of thrashing tails and boiling sand.
    • The 15 kg on my belt was nothing compared to the 34 kg on my back, and the big camera housing and heavy flashgun didn't make things any easier.
    • As usual please bring your cameras, tripods, flashguns, etc for what promises to be a most informative and enjoyable session.
    • Knowing the voltage of electricity provided will help you come suitably equipped to recharge your lamps, camcorders and flashguns.
    • The members on the forum can discuss individual camera models, lenses, flashguns, film, tripods and paper.
    • After the two sat down, the Pope smiled and brought his hands to his lap, shielding it from photographers' flashguns in a joking gesture.
    • Now, to get around this problem, professional photographers will often use a flashgun mounted off to the side of the camera.
    • I switched my flashguns off and held my camera steady for a slow shutter exposure.
    • From out of the blue, a posse of divers with flashguns blazing descends on the scene.
    • A flashgun was introduced and I began to get something that was, to my eye at least, quite reasonable.
    • You will have an SLR, some lenses, some filters, a flashgun and even a tripod.
    • Tyson himself sits, placid, in the undulating waves of white light produced by ranks of flashguns.
    • Luckily, on close inspection I found the only damage to be a crack in the diffuser on one of the flashguns.
    • I had also talked Sam into taking a large flashgun down in order to try and get a good picture of Mark descending the shaft.
    • I'm low on air and on my way back towards the ladder when I see Fred's flashguns blazing in the distance.
    • I had no chance of out-swimming the beast, so I braced for impact while stabbing the water between us with the large flashgun on my camera.
    • There were times when to raise it to my eye would subject the flashgun to the passing current and rip me from my hiding place.
    • It is best to carry electrical or electronic items as hand luggage, including lamps, cameras, flashguns, computers and even batteries.
    • But the frenzy of camera clicks and flashguns was as nothing compared to the arrival of the main event moments later.