Translation of flask in Spanish:


frasco, n.

Pronunciation /flæsk//flɑːsk/


  • 1

    frasco masculine
    (in laboratory) matraz masculine
    (in laboratory) redoma feminine
    hip flask nalguera feminine Mexico
    • vacuum flask termo
    • A spokesman told Reuters that two small flasks containing traces of the poison were discovered in a left luggage depot at the mainline railway station which serves the south of France.
    • With that, I opened up the flask with my mouth and began pouring cold liquid on my injured hand.
    • Five minutes passed and the scientist held up two flasks filled with liquid: blue and green.
    • The flask is then heated to a temperature above the boiling point of the liquid.
    • Next, he placed them in the bowl over the fire, and added some of the steaming liquid from the flask.
    • He reached into his bag and pulled out three cups and a flask of some greenish blue liquid.
    • Those folks would have understood instantly what I was up to last week, stirring zinc powder in a flask with some dilute hydrochloric acid and washing it off.
    • She looked at Alistra, and unbuckled her safety belt, containing a water flask, some rations (in case they got lost), and her weapons.
    • He uncorked it, and poured the clear liquid into the flask.
    • Barth put his head in his hands and stared down at the greenish liquid in his flask.
    • He pushed a large flask filled with a sparkling, curious, blue liquid into her palm.
    • The men pulled out food: dried fruit and cheese, bread and salted meats, wine and small flasks of water.
    • They put methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide in a flask with some water, sparked some electricity through it, and after a week they got a brown sludge which contained amino acids.
    • One of the flasks holds an oily liquid approximating to coffee while the other holds almost-boiling water that might nearly brew a half-strength cup of extra-weak tea.
    • She turned around on her stool with a bright smile on her face holding the flask and a test tube out to the confused young man.
    • Beside him is a flask of smokey bubbling liquid amid a clutter of apparatus.
    • With a few gurgling noises created from his throat, and, evidently, some mucus, he filled the glass to a quarter inch below the brim with the liquid in the flask.
    • The head nurse was standing over her with a silver flask of water in one hand and a damp white cloth in the other.
    • He then dissolved the glassy residue in dilute hydrochloric acid, boiled it, and left it to stand for several days in a corked flask.
    • During the night their thirst became so bad that Folcher went down to the village to fill up their flasks at the fountain.
    • The GA solution was dried in a rotor evaporator and then incubated under vacuum overnight in a reagent flask.
    • The only time they are exposed to Bunsen burners and round-bottomed flasks is when they open text books to study.
    • He opened the flask and allowed a small amount of the dark liquid to pour into his wine.
    • To the back of Adian lay a bar, with flasks and wooden kegs that were tapped for liquid stacked in every available place.
    • In longer term experiments the aerated treatments were in 100 ml of solution in conical flasks.
    • He looks at the cup, smiles, and adds a little liquid from a flask.
    • The tips remained in the same Thunberg tubes with 10 ml of solution for the first 8 h, and then were transferred to 50 ml in conical flasks.
    • The scientists had their backs turned to the door and were inspecting a cupboard full of flasks and vials holding multi-colored liquids.
    • Working solutions had also been prepared in amber glass volumetric flasks by appropriate dilution just before use.
    • The doctor handed Alex a flask that contained some kind of red liquid in it.
    • Each soil sample was mixed with 100 ml of gastric solution in volumetric glass flasks.
    • Jonathan pulled out a small flask, and shook it a bit and heard liquid sloshing around.
    • Three television sets surmounted a polished wood counter, with innumerable flasks and glasses dangling by their stems in racks above the rows of bottled liquors and beverages.
    • Gas in the headspace of flasks was sampled with a tight syringe.
    • Arven examined the box and saw at its end was a spout that was draining liquid into a flask.
    • Immediately after weighing the roots were transferred to 250 ml round-bottom flasks, immersed in kerosene and sealed with plastic corks.
    • The cells could also be grown as suspension culture in conical flasks on a rotary shaker giving higher yield of cells.
    • Levengood tested the metal fragment for the presence of hydrogen by putting a sample in a flask with a weak solution of acetic acid.
    • After 8 h of re-aeration, the excised coleoptile tips were transferred to conical flasks with 50 ml aerated nutrient solution.
    • Liquid culture was in 100 ml of the medium in 250 ml conical flasks.