Translation of flat-footed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌflætˈfʊdəd//flatˈfʊtɪd/


  • 1

    (with flat feet)
    he's flat-footed tiene (los) pies planos
    • to catch sb flat-footed agarrar a algn desprevenido
    • Parents with flat-footed children sometimes say their children are clumsier than other kids.
    • But while the defender stood flat-footed, the striker followed the flight of the ball, attempted to take it under control and, in fluffing his first touch, shinned it into the net.
    • He diagnosed her as flat-footed and knock-kneed.
    • It feels as if all the ligaments in my body are going to snap at any moment and my feet are so flat-footed it's like walking on glass.
    • In contrast, the A. afarensis bone resembled that of the flat-footed apes, making it improbable that its foot had an arch like our own.
    • As a child I was supremely flat-footed in the outdoors, which, combined with my fear of falling over, made me a third wheel on outings of all kinds.
    • I spent a lot of time watching my feet, making sure to throw off of my left foot rather than resorting to my old flat-footed infielder peg.
    • Murray is fine as long as his character isn't waxing poetic, and Laura Teasdale provides some very welcome comic relief as the flat-footed maid Cathleen.
    • There is no trace left in the whole of London of the old, flat-footed waiters whose eyes were all over the place and who did their job so brilliantly that a pleasant symbiosis developed between them and the guests.
  • 2British informal

    • And I didn't want to be caught flat-footed if the worst happened.
    • I'd say that in North America our movement was caught a little bit flat-footed.
    • Republicans were taken aback: ‘It caught us flat-footed, but not the Democrats.’
    • The reaction of equity and foreign exchange markets to the rate cut was quite muted as investor reaction appeared to be somewhat flat-footed.
    • The visiting Hawks caught the Xtreme flat-footed as they skated to period leads of 3-1 and 4-1.
    • But when it comes to turning programming virtuosity into globally dominant products, companies like Sinjisoft are the ones being caught flat-footed.
    • Judges said the reports, which were clear and concise, caught the coalition government flat-footed and spread all over the State, having the effect of a bombshell.
    • When a new and improved McGuinty hit the hustings, looking sharper and less mistake-prone, the Tories were caught flat-footed.
    • It was an extraordinary and totally unexpected break from tradition, which caught both the media and the government flat-footed.
    • However, Carr's mercurial exit appears to have caught some of these spivs flat-footed.
    • Deputy Richard Bruton said they must ensure they were not caught flat-footed again.
    • They were caught flat-footed time after time and failed to learn from their mistakes.
    • Namibia's opposition parties appear to be caught flat-footed when issues of national importance come up in Parliament.
    • But in your initial thoughts - and you've studied this for some time now as a member of this committee - why do you think the federal government was caught flat-footed?
    • Unfortunately, the tone mandated by the flat-footed New Yorker style drains his story of any emotional connection to events unfolding in the narrative.
    • And the uninspired direction from Shawn Levy feels particularly flat-footed.
    • And, granted, I think that many of the wounds are self-inflicted - the mergers, the strange flat-footed reaction to the internet.
    • Many civil society organisations manipulated the seemingly volatile political situation brought about by the non issue of third term and were caught flat-footed when the debate ended abruptly.