Translation of flatulence in Spanish:


flatulencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflætʃələns//ˈflatjʊl(ə)ns/


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    flatulencia feminine
    gases masculine
    • Throughout history, some of the most profound artists have found humor in the subject of flatulence.
    • Larger amounts can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, like bloating or flatulence.
    • The utter bliss of this situation is spoilt by my worries over morning flatulence.
    • He has authored or co-authored more than 100 scientific articles on flatulence.
    • I have a major problem of flatulence that is rather embarrassing.
    • Burt's flatulence is legendary in snowboard circles.
    • The most commonly reported symptoms were distension and flatulence.
    • And wives don't find flatulence as entertaining or savory as their husbands believe.
    • Side effects may include constipation, heartburn and flatulence.
    • Surgery can disrupt your digestive system, resulting in flatulence.
    • I read that you can make a tea with a common cooking ingredient for flatulence.
    • Activated charcoal capsules are also marketed to alleviate flatulence.
    • We could not find a reference to confirm that this supplement might reduce flatulence.
    • Flatulence in an elevator is not so funny when you are actually riding the elevator.
    • Dill also has medicinal values and was used for ailments such as flatulence and colic.
    • A pinch of aniseed and one of cumin in a cup of boiling milk will relieve flatulence.
    • As usual a great time was had by all except for an outbreak of gratuitous flatulence.
    • Were the farmers consulted over the flatulence tax?
    • Fennel tea is another time-honored way to fight flatulence.
    • Diet can be an important factor in helping to reduce flatulence.