Translation of fleabag in Spanish:


hotel de mala muerte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfliˌbæɡ//ˈfliːbaɡ/



  • 1US

    (cheap hotel)
    hotel de mala muerte masculine
  • 2British

    (dirty person)
    piojoso masculine informal derogatory
    piojosa feminine informal derogatory
    piojento masculine informal derogatory
    piojenta feminine informal derogatory
    • Let's face it; they wanted to make sure I wasn't a fleabag.
    • And the strange thing about a bunch of old cats, old fat cats, fleabags, when they arise to a certain level of power, they forget how they were.
    • Either way, it seems he's a dirty fleabag, y'know?
    • There's still more than enough fleabags to go around!