Translation of fleapit in Spanish:


cine de mala muerte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfliˌpɪt//ˈfliːpɪt/



  • 1

    (cinema) cine de mala muerte masculine
    (theater) teatrucho masculine informal
    • Pity that I've already bought another phone and left the charger for the old one at the fleapit.
    • If Jack thinks I'm going to promote anything in that fleapit he's got another think coming.
    • A far cry, I suggest, from the usual fleapits he inhabits, such as the Hotel Tivoli in Luanda.
    • But going back to the days when I was seeing these epics first time round, in the fleapits and bug-hutches of south-east Leeds - most of them converted music halls or disused chapels - we didn't give a hoot what the title of the film was.
    • And anyone who has seen a flick or two at the Reg's local fleapit will not necessarily welcome ‘cinema-quality computing’.
    • This was always my family's final destination: to spend a couple of nights in a much-loved fleapit of a hotel set on the edge of town.
    • It's a total fleapit / dive, lots of seedy types hanging outside - my guidebook makes it sound like Hell right in the middle of the ruins.
    • Tuesday night was ‘old movie night’ at the local fleapit.
    • I was seven years old, and my sister ten, when my mother took us to see this film at the local 70s fleapit.
    • It seems like only yesterday that Glasgow hotels fitted into two categories only - grand old establishments that few could afford except on special occasions, and fleapits that you wouldn't kennel your dog in.
    • At the bottom, there are hundreds of backpacker hotels, and (away from the fleapits of the Khao San Road, at least) most are clean and comfy, if a little spartan.
    • I tend to come late to films that are on limited release, so that they are usually only showing in an art-house fleapit.
    • And it reigned in British fleapits for more than ten years.
    • And why should they be living in that clean house in a reasonable suburb when there's a rat-infested fleapit well away from public transport available for twenty bucks a week less?
    • If you're planning on doing anything more exciting than eating baked beans in a freezing fleapit when you retire, you'll need to start saving a lot.
    • The word reminds me of when I was a boy eagerly looking forward to the Saturday matinees in our local fleapit.