Translation of fleck in Spanish:


mota, n.

Pronunciation /flɛk//flɛk/


  • 1

    (of dust) mota feminine
    (of paint, mud) salpicadura feminine
    the fabric was blue with a green fleck or flecks of green la tela era azul moteada de verde / con motas verdes
    • a fleck of dandruff una partícula de caspa
    • In other pieces, the swirls and flecks of underlayers resemble the endpapers of antique books.
    • Bare bulbs were hanging from the ceiling casting an eerie light, revealing tiny flecks of dust filtering through the air.
    • The sky is deep blue, and it's snowing; glittery flakes drifting down to earth like small flecks of angel dust.
    • Glancing up at the ceiling, she noticed that there was now - after nearly two months of flecks and chips dropping down onto her head and her floor - a clear hole above her.
    • Her lime green nail polish was chipping, and there were flecks of dirt.
    • Detail was muddled, and there were occasional specks and flecks in the print.

transitive verb

  • 1

    her skirt was flecked with mud tenía la falda salpicada de barro
    • beige flecked with brown beige moteado de marrón
  • 2flecked past participle

    (fabric/yarn) moteado
    (fabric/yarn) jaspeado
    • The morning sky was flecked with little snowy clouds; the air was full of pine-resin.
    • Her hair, tied at the back with a pencil, is flecked with the odd strand of grey and, of course, there are lines on her face.
    • The water looked mixed with black paint, but the surface was flecked with yellow spots of light.
    • The rest of her was flecked with silver and darker shades of gray, particularly on her muzzle and back.
    • And it has the appearance of Shetland wool because it is flecked with white yarns.
    • Their long white necks were flecked with the tiniest feathers of iridescent azure and jade and they walked on their thin bright yellow legs with a magnificent strut.
    • His voice rose with each word and spittle flecked his lips.
    • He had dark blonde hair that was flecked with bits of red, giving it a strawberry blonde appearance.
    • He coughed again, more painfully, and now his lips were flecked with blood.
    • Yesterday bullet holes spattered the walls and the floor was flecked with blood.
    • She came to him with a smile on her lips, which were flecked with red lipstick.
    • He stared at her; his green eyes were flecked with gold, and something else.
    • Breeding adults have yellow bills, iridescent feathers that shine purple and green and are flecked with white spots.
    • His features were twisted and mottled with rage, and foam flecked his lips as he rasped at her.
    • His dark brown hair was flecked with golden brown and sat flat on his head but curled around his ears, neck and forehead.
    • Kyle's brown eyes were flecked with green and his blonde-streaked brown hair was in a ponytail.
    • The bottom of the wound was flecked with very small dots of blood.
    • His pale face was sprinkled with freckles, and Cally noticed that his green eyes were flecked with brown.
    • The thick green carpet is flecked with gold, the walls are cream and dividing arches are lit to warm gold by downward-angled lights.
    • Our streets are used as dumping grounds, our buildings are covered with graffiti and our pavements are flecked with sticky-gum.