Translation of fleeting in Spanish:


fugaz, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfliːtɪŋ//ˈflidɪŋ/


  • 1

    (moment/interlude) fugaz
    (moment/interlude) breve
    we caught a fleeting glimpse of the sea divisamos fugazmente el mar
    • happiness is fleeting la felicidad es efímera
    • Joe looked up and for a fleeting moment Adam saw something flit across his eyes.
    • Those joyful and fleeting moments in the streets give us a brief glimpse of what our worlds could be like.
    • Suddenly, she saw a rapid, fleeting movement in the row of trees in their right.
    • It's a formidable challenge for a first timer, but don't for one fleeting moment discount the young man's chances of landing what would truly be an outstanding double.
    • Ryan's moments of full body movement were fleeting and two short routines were tantalising in their restraint.
    • His smirk turned into a smile, for the briefest of fleeting moments, before he rose from the table, and walked away.
    • Dousing her face and neck, she gazed for a fleeting moment into the water, her thoughts momentarily blank.
    • Instead we can only hope that the odd fleeting moment of inspiration surfaces on what is destined to be an increasingly irrelevant continuance.
    • For a few minutes, no not minutes, hope was only there for a fleeting moment or two, but for that brief instance she'd believed it.
    • Her heavy lids hid her eyes so well that they were seen only momentarily, like the fleeting glimpse of water in a deep well.
    • It is in those unique dialogues, in those brief and fleeting moments, that we express ourselves and share our unique inner lives with others.
    • The writer aims to take those fleeting, ephemeral, sensual moments and transform them into something rich, coherent and meaningful.
    • And for that brief, fleeting moment, it almost didn't seem so bad.
    • For one brief moment, I caught a fleeting glimpse of what looked to be hurt in her eyes.
    • But beyond that, in the grounds I get a fleeting glimpse of what appears to be a parking lot for buses.
    • Sitting up for a fleeting moment, he took a quick gulp from the glass.
    • A rifle cracked behind Swift and for one fleeting moment he thought he was dead, he lay still waiting for the pain.
    • Paul caught a brief, fleeting glimpse of the computer screen.
    • But it was a fleeting glimpse, for at that moment she felt a stirring in the air around her.
    • But then, of course, those brief moments of revelation were fleeting.