Translation of flesh in Spanish:


carne, n.

Pronunciation: /flɛʃ//flɛʃ/


  • 1

    • At the same time his work celebrated (under the cover of classical mythology) the sensuous pleasures of the flesh.
    • With crew members leading a lonely existence and having to stay away from their family for days together, they are tempted to give in to the pleasures of the flesh.
    • In the major part of his teaching he clearly says the flesh is only the physical body, and it is the body which is the ‘seat of sin’.
    • You enjoy luxury, sensuality, and pleasures of the flesh.
    • ‘Death takes the flesh, but the soul lives on, for that part of you is eternal’, he taught the woman.
    • Human nature urges us to satisfy the natural desires of the flesh.
    • When not reminded, he did not miss the pleasures of the flesh much.
    • Or the very kind of conflict between the flesh and the soul, was something they believed, and so you would believe it too.
    • The old man once walked in trespasses and sins according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind.
    • Being at home with three children (two still ill) means evenings are given over entirely to pleasures of the flesh.
    • I hereby renounce all desires of the flesh, especially ones that involve spatulas.
    • In contrast to the previous evening the pleasures of the flesh were much in evidence.
    • 1.1(human, animal)

      carne feminine
      (wound) (before noun) superficial
      I like the outline, but you have to put some flesh on it me gusta el esquema, pero tienes que darle más cuerpo
      • in the flesh en carne y hueso
      • flesh and blood
      • a creature of flesh and blood un ser de carne y hueso
      • I'm only flesh and blood after all después de todo soy de carne y hueso / soy humano
      • it's more than flesh and blood can stand / bear es más de lo que humanamente se puede aguantar
      • how can I do it? they're my own flesh and blood! ¿cómo puedo hacerlo? ¡son de mi propia sangre!
      • to make sb's flesh creep / crawl ponerle los pelos de punta / la piel de gallina a algn
      • to press the flesh ir por ahí estrechando manos
      • these are flesh-and-blood people we are talking about estamos hablando de gente de carne y hueso
      • a flesh-and-blood princess una princesa de verdad / de carne y hueso
      • He reached out and grabbed his wife's shoulder here, pushing his fingers into the soft crevice of flesh over bone.
      • The central part of this dish is tilapia, a fresh water fish with white flesh and a flaky texture.
      • Small black spots, resembling ground pepper flakes, are visible in the fish flesh.
      • I'm kind of pleased that I can feel some soft flesh there on his tummy, over the rock-solid muscle.
      • Sea bass is a silvery grey fish with succulent white flesh.
      • The fish is famous for its tender and tasty flesh.
      • Lake sturgeon have been fished for their flesh and their oil as well as for their caviar.
      • And where there was once an appealing covering of soft flesh, there was now hard bone.
      • The effects of tetrodotoxin are well documented in Japan, where the highly prized dish fugu is prepared from the raw flesh of the puffer fish.
      • Place the dried flesh in a food processor and add the lemon juice, yoghurt, dill and oil.
      • Leading up to Easter is Lent, a period of penance lasting forty days during which only one meal a day was allowed and flesh and fish were forbidden.
      • That was the sensation as flesh met flesh, as her body pressed into his and then the contact was gone.
      • Glamorgan sausages contain neither flesh nor fish nor fowl, but cheese and leeks.
      • This Skin Firming Moisturiser with seaweed extract and caffeine promises to firm up flabby flesh and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
      • Its sweet, delicate, flaky flesh makes this fish a prize catch.
      • I felt his lips graze the tender flesh of my neck.
      • However mostly in these classes I am trying to achieve a sense of flesh and bones, weightiness or muscle structure.
      • Pieces of skin, flesh, bone falling to the ground in flakes of dust.
      • Yet the end result, after removing bone, muscle and flesh, was incredibly attractive.
      • He believed that the ‘changeover’ from animal to human flesh was most often accidental.
      • This self-tanner for the body gives even lily-white flesh like mine a healthy shimmery glow.
      • The otter swam around her barely clothed body and tickled her flesh.
      • I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids - I might even be said to possess a mind.
      • He was painfully aware of his bare flesh as bodies pressed around him once more.
      • Flatfish flesh changes as the fish begin to roe at this time, the consequence being that the fish are thinner and softer, and not good to cook.
      • His skin had felt deliciously cool against her heated flesh as his hard body moved against hers.
      • Use grilled, roasted or steamed vegetables, minced lamb, beef, pork or chicken, and the cooked or raw flesh of almost any fish.
      • Morays then eat these fish and their flesh becomes toxic.
      • We wanted to find out exactly what type of methylmercury was present in fish flesh.
      • A second later he bit down and allowed his fangs to sink into my soft flesh.
      • What do you imagine will happen when Jesus raises us all from the dead, putting muscle and flesh on dry bare bones?
      • She trembled and shuddered against his body, the cold flesh felt through the tunic that he wore.
      • The two went down in a clash of flesh and muscle and bone, the two ripping at each other for every opening possible.
      • The murderous roar mocked their fragile armor of skin, flesh, bones.
      • The spirit of psychoanalysis is not confined to the skin, flesh, bones and marrow of psychoanalysis, but it is also not apart from them.
      • Jim felt the pulsing of the sun as its heat, magnified by the window it was pouring through, met with soft flesh and willing muscle.
      • Then the skeletons, stubborn bits of flesh and muscle still clinging to the bones, move on to the bug room.
      • The blade cut through bones and skin and flesh, and slashed the ground as it cut through.
      • The term ‘vegetarian’ has only been around for about 150 years but abstinence from flesh, fish and fowl is as old as man himself.
      • No flesh from their bodies showed, it was all bronze armor.
      • After that time, you can take a peek, and check delicately that the fish flesh flakes easily.
      • A ‘vegetarian’ is a person who does not eat meat, fish, foul or any food derived from the flesh of animals.
      • His blade homed in, sinking into flesh and grating past bone.
      • There was the sound of flesh hitting other flesh and a body falling to the ground.
      • His eroticism and his understanding of the female form urged him to include more surfaces of flesh than can be seen from one point of view…
      • Deeper in the dark glade, there are bones, countless bones, scraps of flesh and skin, cloth, and bodies.
      • The excitement over, the fish gutted and flesh drying on deck, everyone returned to rest.
      • As of today, I am no longer eating fish, since the smell in my kitchen reminds me that fish is flesh.
      • The caviar is cleaned to prevent spoilage and then packed up; the rest of the fish is sold for flesh.

    • 1.2(of fruit)

      pulpa feminine
      • The flesh contains tiny, edible seeds and you can even eat the skin.
      • If you timed it right you could spend a good part of the day out of the sun with cool pulpy grape flesh oozing between your toes.
      • At each harvest the fresh weight and dry matter content of fruit flesh and stones were measured after peeling and stoning.
      • The dark background provides an effective relief for the juicy white flesh of the mangosteen fruit.
      • Place the pepper flesh with the nuts, basil, garlic and cheese in a food processor and whizz.
      • Cracks in sweet cherry fruits are shallow or deep oblong wounds in the fruit flesh.
      • The yellow or pinkish flesh contains edible, crunchy little seeds.
      • Removing the stalk would create openings in the skin of the fruit, enabling the chemical to contaminate the fruit's flesh.
      • The lower oil content of the fruit flesh confers a slightly watery, almost sweet taste not found in the other two botanical races.
      • Honey locust trees did have a kind of fruit, a pod that contained sweet flesh, edible pulp.
      • Bright flies were embedded in the stringy pulp, the glistening flesh of the fruit.
      • Put the onions, garlic, aubergine flesh, the lemon juice and seasoning into a food processor and whiz until it begins to become a purée.
      • In fact, the creamy white flesh is barely edible; it's tasteless and slimy.
      • The thick flesh makes the fruit suitable for stuffing and baking.
      • She hadn't felt hungry before, but her stomach quaked in defiance to its emptiness as her eyes touched the fruit's flawless red flesh.
      • It has a core or seed of truth, but no flesh of the fruit.
      • The ripe, red, pulpy flesh of the melons stands in with sickening authenticity for the wasted tissue of the bodies of the wounded men.
      • The white flesh of the fruit consists of numerous segments, mostly seedless.
      • Cut a ripe kiwi fruit in half and squeeze it over the squid, letting both the juice and flesh of the fruit drop into the bowl.
      • She peeled back the cucumber's skin in long strips, watching as green exposed the naked, white vegetable flesh.

  • 2

    the flesh la carne
    • sins/pleasures of the flesh los pecados/los placeres de la carne
    • to go the way of all flesh pasar a mejor vida