Translation of flesh wound in Spanish:

flesh wound

herida superficial, n.


  • 1

    herida superficial feminine
    • She went to work and was taken to hospital with a flesh wound.
    • ‘It's only a flesh wound,’ Billy said with great relief.
    • Chen was grazed by a bullet, sustaining a flesh wound to the abdomen, while Lu was injured in the knee while they were canvassing together for votes in Tainan, the president's hometown, in an open car.
    • When his charred corpse is being carried out on a stretcher towards a Baghdad graveyard, Bob's spirit will rise out of his body and let out a haunting screech - ‘It's just a flesh wound!’
    • A gaping, bloody, hurt-like-coconuts flesh wound, but a flesh wound at that.
    • It was only a flesh wound, but a frustrating place to have a wound when her shoulder was in constant use.
    • You would think that being stuck at home following an emergency operation on your back, which left you with a flesh wound that required cleaning and dressing by nurses on a daily basis, would be its own punishment.
    • The first-half was marred when a reckless challenge caught Graham Hutchinson with a stud and he was taken to hospital for seven stitches to a deep flesh wound.
    • Ben had explained to her that his injury, while a flesh wound, had not been cleaned properly, and as a result was badly infected.
    • While it wasn't a flesh wound, his bullet wound couldn't be all that bad, or he never would've stayed on his feet so long.
    • It was the equivalent of a mere flesh wound, but nonetheless, he had damaged the seemingly untouchable beast.
    • The wound in his chest had almost completely healed, a flesh wound was all that was left of the gaping hole.
    • On the third Wednesday of every month I'd visit fat Dr. Pinski, an old demoralized psychiatrist who couldn't have spotted a suicide if the malcontent's errant bullet ricocheted off his desk and grazed him with a flesh wound.
    • I really wish she had just come up to me at some point and said, ‘I say, mumsy, I have a minor flesh wound here, would you care to escort me to the veterinarian in the swiftest manner possible?’
    • The cramp in my side stung like a flesh wound, and my mind seemed to repeat the same words over and over again, ‘Get away.’
    • He sustained a flesh wound to his left cheek and his wife was shot through her right arm and chest.
    • Even through the fuzz he heard the cry of pain from Miles as a bullet struck him, but the pounding feet continued and Kessler knew that it was just a flesh wound, nothing that would stop the man from escaping the complex.
    • Feeling the smooth skin, I touched the flesh wound.
    • Agent Clark suffered a flesh wound and should be back to desk duty in a few days.
    • If you discount the minor flesh wound sustained by a Cornish meat pie van that brushed my Alfa very late at night some years ago, I have barely come into physical contact with another vehicle, so scrupulous is my driving.