Translation of flexibility in Spanish:


flexibilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌflɛksəˈbɪlədi//ˌflɛksɪˈbɪlɪti/


  • 1

    (of wire, material)
    flexibilidad feminine
    • The chain's flexibility is to a limited degree controllable.
    • Consistent with this premise, the corresponding loop in alpha-tubulin looses flexibility upon polymerization.
    • I ended up going to a small assembler where flexibility was real.
    • One measure of flexibility is whether you have full range of motion of the injured body part.
    • For the professional and recreational athlete, improved flexibility decreases the chance of injury and enhances performance.
    • Her fitness techniques focus on cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training.
    • It requires core strength, shoulder stability, lower-body power, and flexibility.
    • The quality of my work has vastly improved and the flexibility of the material has enabled me to use it in so many ways.
    • The mature consumer may benefit from the flexibility of a fabric like pleather.
    • Some forward flex stiffness is good; too much flexibility gives you less ankle support and control.
    • The last thing I would suggest technically is that you must really work on your stretching and overall flexibility.
    • And the panel assesses hip flexibility by asking dancers to sit in a wide second position.
    • Very few masters women or men retain the extreme flexibility to do this style.
    • As bodies age, strength and flexibility become harder to maintain.
  • 2

    (of arrangements, schedule, attitude)
    flexibilidad feminine
    • Perhaps the zero tolerance rule is being applied without flexibility.
    • According to Chakma, due to flexibilities in the system, no labour cuts will be made.
    • In most spheres, there is some flexibility in gender roles.
    • Templates should be available, but the product should provide flexibility for variations of design.
    • There is also little demonstration of compassion, humor or flexibility in this work.
    • The only flexibility in this theorem is choosing the order in which the values of k are used.
    • If you have that flexibility within your starting line-up, great.
    • Has the development of this term brought greater flexibility to this area of the law of contract?
    • The flexibility of the medium is another attraction for artists.
    • They offer the flexibility to buy anything from designer outfits to DVDs.
    • Funds that are not tethered to a specific sector of the market can use that flexibility to temper risk.
    • That takes away the flexibility of connecting from multiple locations.
    • And it is one that owes much to a marked flexibility in monetary and fiscal policy.
    • Flexibility of neuroendocrine response is an important aspect of adaptation to social context.
    • Moreover, there is some flexibility in this national treatment standard.
    • It is that very flexibility that makes Radio such an attractive medium to Alexander.
    • The signing gives offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy good flexibility with his offensive line.
    • The advantages include a high degree of flexibility in movement and torque.
    • The paint spray process is entirely manual, for maximum paint color flexibility.
    • This provides to our customers enormous system memory flexibility.