Translation of flight attendant in Spanish:

flight attendant

auxiliar de vuelo, n.


  • 1

    auxiliar de vuelo feminine
    sobrecargo feminine
    • A flight attendant on his Freedom Bird asks him if flying in Vietnam frightened him.
    • Just last week, a young flight attendant collapsed in the briefing room of our International Airport.
    • Deborah Welsh had been a flight attendant for 25 years and hated early flights, but had agreed to trade shifts to oblige a colleague.
    • She was a former flight attendant and later began training airline personnel on customer services.
    • The flight attendant tied the curtain so business class could not use the offending lavatories!
    • I posted a song by an unknown flight attendant for Eastern Air last Decemeber.
    • Trent stepped onto the plane, ignoring the flight attendant who welcomed him aboard.
    • On an airline flight, a businessman complains to a flight attendant that she isn't smiling.
    • She notified a flight attendant, and the pilot alerted Denver International Airport.
    • The airline flight attendant explained to the passengers, that although he is blind, he is the best copilot in the company.
    • She discovered the knife and turned it over to a flight attendant before takeoff.
    • The flight engineer became unconscious after reviving the flight attendant.
    • One flight attendant called the airline to tell them what had happened and give them the seat number of the hijacker.
    • Sue Makras, 34, is a flight attendant for a US airline operating from Heathrow.
    • A flight attendant urging him to put on his seatbelt woke Jamie from his nap.
    • The flight attendant switched Rob's ID with that of the dead captain.
    • They handed their tickets to the flight attendant and were shuffled onto the plane.
    • I left law school to become a flight attendant for El Al airlines, a job that literally opened up the world to me.
    • She'd had to explain her complete breakdown during takeoff to an anxious flight attendant.
    • As the seatbelt sign came on and the flight attendant started to demonstrate the proper way to put on your seatbelt, Misery looked out her window.