Translation of flip in Spanish:


tirar, v.

Pronunciation /flɪp//flɪp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    aventar Mexico
    I flipped her a piece of chocolate le tiré un trozo de chocolate
    • we'll flip a coin to decide vamos a echarlo a cara o cruz
    • to flip one's lid / top perder los estribos
    • She lifted her arms behind her and pushed herself off the floor by flipping her body up, and landing on her feet.
    • He warmed up for a while, doing little dance moves, occasionally flipping his leg over the fire hydrant, just singing the same damn line.
    • He broke close to the right touchline, threw an outrageous dummy and then flipped the ball out of the back of the hand to give Walker a clear run to the line.
    • If you don't bend your knees and get some lift generated with your lower body, your arms need to work harder and that can cause you to push the ball instead of flipping it.
    • He flipped it open, pushing a button before setting the phone down on the edge of the sink.
    • I grinned with confidence and with a sudden decision, flipped the speed up.
    • Vena glared at me, and made the movement to flip her hair back, but sadly, it was in her bun, so she only flipped air.
    • Please, please, flip your hair or throw yourself on the couch: anything but this!
    • I do release my wrists, but I don't flip them or throw them at the ball.
    • I flip the seat and move my belongings to the left side for the trip back.
    • Bryce growled and got to his feet quickly, resulting in his chair being flipped backwards and thrown to the side.
    • He flips the latch on the outer door and pushes, but is not surprised when the door does not open immediately.
    • He compensated by flipping his wrists, pushing the ball short and right.
    • She handed over the small silver device and Dice placed it on the black leather dash board flipping it on as he accelerated down the street.
    • I didn't hesitate to flip it open and push the talk button.
    • When she saw him, she said a few quick words before flipping it closed.
    • She relaxed the hammer on the pistol, replaced the safety, and slipped the weapon in between her pants and her waist, flipping the sweater over it to keep it hidden.
    • A quick test is to flip every sexual reference in an account from male to female and gauge your reaction.
    • I asked for two of the bartender's best beers and flipped him a gold coin.
    • Nothing was broken, but the safety was on, I flipped it to fire mode.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (lose self-control)
    perder la chaveta informal
    ponerse majara Spain slang
  • 2dated

    (rave, be enthusiastic)
    volverse loco


  • 1

    golpecito masculine
  • 2

    salto mortal masculine
    voltereta (en el aire) feminine



  • 1




  • 1

    ¡caray! informal