Translation of flip in Spanish:


tirar, v.

Pronunciation /flɪp//flɪp/

transitive verbflipped, flipping

  • 1

    aventar Mexico
    I flipped her a piece of chocolate le tiré un trozo de chocolate
    • we'll flip a coin to decide vamos a echarlo a cara o sello
    • He warmed up for a while, doing little dance moves, occasionally flipping his leg over the fire hydrant, just singing the same damn line.
    • When she saw him, she said a few quick words before flipping it closed.
    • A quick test is to flip every sexual reference in an account from male to female and gauge your reaction.
    • I grinned with confidence and with a sudden decision, flipped the speed up.
    • She lifted her arms behind her and pushed herself off the floor by flipping her body up, and landing on her feet.
    • She relaxed the hammer on the pistol, replaced the safety, and slipped the weapon in between her pants and her waist, flipping the sweater over it to keep it hidden.
    • I didn't hesitate to flip it open and push the talk button.
    • Bryce growled and got to his feet quickly, resulting in his chair being flipped backwards and thrown to the side.
    • I do release my wrists, but I don't flip them or throw them at the ball.
    • Nothing was broken, but the safety was on, I flipped it to fire mode.
    • I flip the seat and move my belongings to the left side for the trip back.
    • He flipped it open, pushing a button before setting the phone down on the edge of the sink.
    • Please, please, flip your hair or throw yourself on the couch: anything but this!
    • Vena glared at me, and made the movement to flip her hair back, but sadly, it was in her bun, so she only flipped air.
    • If you don't bend your knees and get some lift generated with your lower body, your arms need to work harder and that can cause you to push the ball instead of flipping it.
    • He flips the latch on the outer door and pushes, but is not surprised when the door does not open immediately.
    • He broke close to the right touchline, threw an outrageous dummy and then flipped the ball out of the back of the hand to give Walker a clear run to the line.
    • I asked for two of the bartender's best beers and flipped him a gold coin.
    • He compensated by flipping his wrists, pushing the ball short and right.
    • She handed over the small silver device and Dice placed it on the black leather dash board flipping it on as he accelerated down the street.

intransitive verbflipped, flipping


  • 1

    (lose self-control)
    perder la chaveta informal
    ponerse majara Spain slang
    • And, in fact, that does seem unlikely unless the asking price is too good to be true, and then their shareholders might flip out.
    • He directed it so beautifully that even as an audience member knowing what was going to happen, I was completely flipped out in a great way.
    • On the last day but one, after yet another drinking binge and a row, he suddenly flipped and started raving at her in Spanish, which he spoke fluently but she didn't understand.
    • Chanelle's heart nearly stopped, she hadn't told her parents about any boys because she knew they'd flip!
    • Because if I have to stay here for another year, I am going to flip!
    • My family absolutely flipped over the seasonings of this yummy casserole.
    • He apologised for flipping out and told me he had just lost the role of a lifetime and that he had been duped by the worst person in the business.
    • Is it any wonder, then, that they sometimes flip?
    • He told the woman, she flipped out screamed her son's name and slammed the phone down.
    • You were fine one minute, and suddenly you just flipped out.
    • But, if they liked the first then they positively flipped over this one!
    • Luke and I look at each other and think it strange that she's clearly flipping out over someone brushing against her bag.
  • 2dated

    (rave, be enthusiastic)
    volverse loco


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    golpecito masculine
    • The waitress rolled her eyes and walked away with a flip of her hair.
    • Speaking of sensors, Motorola is making a big deal out of its new camera that can be activated through two quick flips of the wrist.
    • Two quick flips of the rod tip drew a hard strike and the hooked trout shook and flurried in the bright arc.
    • Tabitha turned with a flip of her hair and strode away.
    • Moments later after she stormed out of the room with a flip of her hair, she returned asking for a different meal, apologizing for her behavior.
    • A yesteryear heroine could seduce not just the hero but the entire audience with just a flip of her hair or a mere glance.
    • At one point the hose had me trapped down by the greenhouse until I did a quick flip of the wrist and turned it over so that it was spraying into the grass and I could make my escape.
    • Just when Fletcher thought he had caught a big, fat juicy fish, it would give a flip of the tail and disappear into the murk.
    • Want to check the time or a most recent stat, all it takes is a flip of the wrist and the display pops to life.
    • With one flip of the wrist, the lamp switches from work light to ambient lighting effortlessly.
  • 2

    salto mortal masculine
    voltereta (en el aire) feminine



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    • Also the apology he made is questionable, as I can't imagine that he would be really sorry for what he said, because he is so flip and arrogant about it.
    • This major emotional downer is as raw as it gets, and while it doesn't quite chime with the flip ending, it helps cement this as a powerful and evocative piece of work.
    • From cartoons to sitcoms, the stars are now sassy children who deliver flip one-liners, put down authority figures and revel in a laugh track.
    • There is nothing flip or carefree about these individuals.
    • I enjoy this kind of flip remark, but the chilly response indicated that my new friend didn't, and he summoned over the local vicar, dressed in mufti, to deal with me.
    • He gained wider exposure in the hip, flip Scottish thriller about three flatmates who dispose of a body that stands between them and a suitcase filled with cash.
    • That's a combination of the flip answer, and just where we are in the news cycle right now.
    • But he's being almost as flip and happy and smiley as people are accusing Sneddon of being, no?
    • When I suggest that he must be a fan, he puts on a brave face but it becomes clear just how far he thinks his work is removed from the flip media world.
    • Though they then ruin the effect by making an amateurish mistake on a flip reference to cricket.
    • His respect for women increased after that; I'm not sure if he was serious, or being flip, when he said that.
    • I don't mean to sound flip either, but literally all you have to do to get rid of some guys is to let them know you're interested in spending more time with them.
    • We are not making a flip attack on an organization we value.
    • What's more, because I made a flip remark in my old gallery pages about one of my colleagues looking like said film star, it's also on the first page.
    • About whether your wife wants to be with you in the future: well, I don't intend to be flip, but don't ask me, ask her.
    • I really don't mean to be flip, but it is that simple.
    • One of the reviews in England said my songs were flip and flimsy trifles.
    • Holmes was a master of the flip aphorism, but one shouldn't confuse flip aphorisms with legal acumen.
    • I made a flip suggestion to some of my bloodthirsty friends yesterday.



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    ¡caray! informal