Translation of flip side in Spanish:

flip side

la cara B, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflɪp ˌsaɪd///


  • 1

    la cara B
    • They achieve this by putting the full screen version on the flip side of the disc.
    • A full-screen pan-and-scan version is also provided on the flip side of the disc.
    • This is the flip side of the band's debut, when clubs become crowded with gangsters instead of the young and beautiful.
    • ‘Heavy Lifting’ over on the flip side is as contrasting as you could ever wish it to be.
    • Also included on the flip side of the disc is a vastly inferior full screen version.
    • On the flip side of the disc there is a pan and scan version of the film that is to be avoided at all costs.
    • As always my favourite is found grazing idly on the flip side.
    • The sequels also feature full-frame presentations on the flip sides of the discs, though they are not recommended.
    • She wondered if maybe she accidentally received the flip side image!
    • In stark comparison the flip side is the positively upbeat-ish ‘Barcelona’.
  • 2informal

    (of a problem, issue)
    la otra cara de la moneda informal
    • We soon realized, however, that cleanliness and dirtiness are flip sides of the same coin.
    • The study sheds light on the flip side of memory research, which often focuses on how to improve recall.
    • That brings us to the flip side of what we're seeing these days.
    • Indeed his flaw is really the flip side of his virtue.
    • This is a most welcome development but the flip side to this is that diggers arrived back into the village to dig up some more roads and lay new kerbs.
    • On the flip side, some corporations set professional wages based on national versus regional averages.
    • And anyway isn't all that an indivisible flip side of other more positive aspects of masculinity?
    • On the flip side, The Byrds recorded a lot of songs over a very short amount of time.
    • On the flip side, an understanding of the inherent risks involved has been fairly limited.
    • The flip side is that if your teen does get a ticket in the first six months, driving privileges are forfeited for the next six months.
    • Continuing to treat a patient long after it is clear the chosen treatment is not working can be seen as the flip side to abandonment.
    • The flip side is that the Bulldogs can play with just about anyone.
    • The two impulses are the flip sides of the same coin.
    • City Self / Country Self pairs the flip sides of a split personality, or perhaps separated-at-birth twins, in a hybrid of physical comedy and psychosocial drama.
    • On the flip side, then, positive reinforcement works well on many pets.
    • The flip side of Bob's obsession was a feeling of fury that overcame him when he hit a shot that didn't meet his expectations.
    • The flip side, fashion wise, was the punk rock scene.
    • On the flip side, indie developers do get recognition from the online gaming community if their title is good.
    • On the flip side, reporters usually understand we also have a job to do.